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Committee News
Committee meeting
Monday June 25th 5.30pm.
E Mail Addresses

Please fill in the box on the membership form for 2018-2019 if you wish to receive e mails giving details of club events.
Your e mail address will not be passed to any third party.

Welcome to the Gwent Bridge Academy Web Site.
European Bridge Championships

The 54th European Team Championships are underway in Ostend, Belgium. Wales has a team in the Open Category.

Gary Jones, Paul Lamford, Richard Plackett, Julian Pottage, Mike Pownall & Simon Richards.


Match Team Result VP Max 20
31 Scotland

Lost 5.40-14.60


Czech Republic

Lost 3.74-16.26


Lost 7.97-12.03

Current Position 31/

Total VP 231.76
Full results can be found here.

Open 33   England 7     Scotland 33    Ireland 23

Woman 23   England 5     Scotland 7     Ireland 23

Seniors 22    England 8   Scotland 17     Ireland 4

Teams in positions 1 to 8 qualify for the 2019 World Championships in China. England qualify in all three sections.

Butler Scores (A negative score means you are on the losing side. All 6 Welsh team members had a negative score.)


Teams of 8

Result of the WBU Teams of 8.

Gwent came 8/8.


Gwent Events.
Friday July 13th Club AGM.

Please see the notice board for further details. 

Cautious Bidder

Short articles about the game of bridge.
Please visit Cardiff web page for previous articles.

CB013     CB014     CB015     CB016     CB017

CB018     CB019

Need a Partner

If you need a partner on any club evening.
Then you can
1. Contact Bill on 01633 667844.
2. E Mail Bill.
3. Leave a message in the members area of the web site.

Friday Afternoon Bridge
The club will now be open every other Friday afternoon (the next four being June 8th & 22nd and July 6th & 20th) starting at 1.00pm ending at 4.00pm. Cost £1.50.
The bridge will be normal pairs with help on hand for questions on bidding or play.
Best to come along with a partner but partnerships can be arranged on the day.
Masterpoints will not be issued.
Now with free tea & coffeee for a limited time.
Thursday Afternoon Bridge

From Thursday May 3rd a new "gentle duplicate" session from 2.00pm to 4.00pm will be held.
Cost £1.50 including free coffee. No partner is required.
This session is aimed at beginners and less experienced players so it will be easy paced with help and advice at hand.

Need a Lift

If for any reason you are finding it difficult to get to the club to play bridge then contact the Secretary Bill Parkinson.
01633 667844 who will try to arrange a lift to and from the club.

Monday Duplicate
Saturday Duplicate
Pivot Teams
Thursday Afternoon Duplicate
Wednesday Duplicate
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Tuesday Evening Duplicate
Monday Duplicate
19th Jun 2018
Tuesday Afternoon Duplicate
19th Jun 2018
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20th Jun 2018
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21st Jun 2018
Thursday Afternoon Duplicate
21st Jun 2018
Thursday Evening Duplicate
22nd Jun 2018
Friday Afternoon Duplicate
23rd Jun 2018
Saturday Duplicate
25th Jun 2018
Monday Duplicate