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Financial Statement 2018

Last updated : 12th Jul 2018 18:12 BST
Financial Statement
  Guisborough Bridge Club.        
  Year Ending 31st March 2017        
  Income     Expenditure  
|| Deposit Account £539.78 || Cricket Club Subs. £320.00
|| Current Account £325.39 || Bridge Web £40.00
|| Table money £2,176.00 || C,C Rent £1,820.00
||     || Stationary £68.08
|| Bridge Club Subs. £356.00 || Table £29.99
|| Party £260.00 || Insurance £64.50
|| Bank interest £0.17 || Tea Coffee etc. £86.34
||     || Party £316.00
||     || Licences £38.00
||     || C/B  
||     || Deposit Account £539.95
||     || Current Account £334.48
||   £3,657.34 ||   £3,657.34
  Operating Profit for the year     £9.26
Last updated : 26th Apr 2017 21:00 BST
AGM 2017

Annual General Meeting of Guisborough Bridge Club held on Tuesday 25th April 2017

1.Apologies form absence were received from Sue Finnegan Eileen Midgley Tony Allsop and , Liz Taylor.

2.Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for April 2016 were distributed.

3. There were no matters arising.

4.Secretary's Report: The Club does not have a Chairman so I would like to thank you all for your continued support of the Club. We have had an average of about 6 tables during the year, Unfortunately Mike Botterill died during the year. He had been a member of the Club for a number of years. Liz Taylor could not attend as she is in hospital and a card has been sent to her wishing her a speedy recovery.

Thanks are due to many people who have kep t the club going during the year. Mike Bigland for Directing, Lynda for her Treasurer duties, Beryl and Kate for looking after the refreshments, and Nigel and Stephen for doing the scoring., and to all those people who have set up the room before the start of play

Treasurers Report: Lynda gave a full report on the finances of the Club and an Income and Expenditure account was handed to members for their perusal. This showed that the Club has £334.48 in the current account and £539.95 in the Deposit account. The Subscriptions will be collected when she returns from holiday . This will be £10 for the Cricket Club and £3 for the Bridge Club.

Election of Officers: The Committee are willing to stand again but Beryl and Kate are looking to stand down from refreshment duties. They would like volunteers to take over from them. Judi and Maureen have indicated that they will in future share these duties.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 6.55pm.

Last updated : 26th Apr 2017 20:33 BST
AGM 2016 Minutes

Annual General Meeting.

Guisborough Bridge Club

Tuesday 26th April 2016.

Apologies were received from John and Mary Lindley, Sue Finnegan, Beryl Levie, Nancy Clarke, Mike Botterill, and Peter Fenton.

The minutes of the meeting held on the 28th April 2015 were distributed and there were no matters arising.

Angus opened the meeting by thanking all members for their continued attendance at the Club. We have had an average of 6 tables throughout the year which is very good considering we only have 31 members.

He also thanked Mike Bigland and Mike Botterill for directing as and when required and Mike Bigland and Beryl for organising the Christmas party. This was a great success with Elaine once again providing the food. Thanks were also given to Lynda for taking over the finances of the club from Kate. Kate deserves our thanks for looking after the finances for the past 8 years.Thanks are also due to those people who arrive early to set the room up for bridge so that we can start promptly. Thanks were also given to Nigel for looking after the scoring.

Lynda , as Treasurer, gave her report which showed a healthy balance on both the Current and Deposit account of £865.17 in total. Rent of £35 per week continues to be paid to the Cricket Club.

Mike Bigland announced that the present committee would continue but felt that we should look to have some younger members on the committee. He announced that Steve Earnshaw and Eileen Midgley had been nominated and were willing to join those already on the committee.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 7.50.

Last updated : 22nd May 2016 06:52 BST
Guisborough Bridge Club Income and Expenses
Year Ending 31st March   2016  
Income     Expenditure  
Dep Acc £539.54 || C,C Subs £288.00
Curr Acc £342.51 || Bridge Web £40.00
Table mon £2,254.00 || C,C Rent £1,750.00
C,C, Subs £288.00 || Statnry £102.57
B.C. Subs £66.00 || Comps £0.00
C. Party £150.00 || Insure £70.63
Bank int £0.24 || Tea Cof £101.33
    || C Party £389.46
    || Misc £33.13
    || C/B  
    || Dep Acc £539.78
    || Curr Acc £325.39
  £3,640.29 ||   £3,640.29
Operating Loss for the    year £17.12
Last updated : 27th Apr 2016 12:19 BST
Minutes of AGM on 28th April 2015

The Annual General meeting of Guisborough Bridge Club was held onTuesday 28th April 2015

In the absence of a C hairman Angus welcomed members and thanked everybody for keeping the Bridge Club going.

Apologies- there were no apologies but Mike Botterill, Peter Evans, Bill D avies, Stephen Earnshaw and Maureen Cronin were unable to attend.

The minutes of the A GM held in April 2014 were circulated and there no matters arising.

Angus thanked Mike Botterill and Mike Bigland for directing,Kate for looking after the finances ,Beryl, Kate andMike Bigland for looking after the organisation of the party. He also thanked those people who come early to make the room ready for play each week. He said it was good to see Nigel back after his illness and thanked him for doing the scoring. He also welcomed Judy Ellis and Pat Corbett as new members.

The Treasurer Kate presented the accounts and these showed a balance of £882 in the Bank.This is a reduction of £200 from 2014. The drop can be accounted for due to the Cricket Club increasing their subs last year by £90 which was paid out of the account after the club subs had been collected and the party cost the club £200 after members share had been paid. A discussion was held about this but was put into abeyance until later in the year. The accounts were accepted with Nancy proposing and Arthur seconding the proposal.

The committee agreed to continue for another year and the meeting closed at 6.50.


Last updated : 27th Apr 2016 11:19 BST
AGM 2014 Minutes of Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Guisborough Bridge Club took place Tuesday 29th April 2014 at the Cricket Club.

In the absence of a Chairperson, Angus welcomed the members present and mentioned the sad loss of Sybil Poulson, who was a long standing member of the Club.

Apologies were received from Mike and Marbara Bigland, John and Mary Lindley and lynda Wallwork.

The Minutes of the AGM for 2013 were distributed. There only matter arising from them regarded the insurance cover for the Club. It was reported that this had now been dealt with.

Angus thanked various members—Mike Botterill and Mike Bigland for directing, Kate for looking after the accounts, Nigel for doing the scoring and Maureen for looking after the biscuits. The party was a great success and Mike Bigland and Kate were thanked for the organisation.

Kate reported a loss of £128.12 for the year. This was mainly due to the cost of insurance and also the loss of members. We are have £1082 in the bank and the bank balance will be watched over the forthcoming 12 months.

In any other business the suggestion was made that that the Cricket Club insurance may well cover the Bridge Club. Angus to contact the Cricket Club Officials to clarify the situation.

The meeting closed at 6.55.  

Last updated : 29th Apr 2015 19:59 BST
Accounts for year ending 31st March 2014/2015
    Guisborough Bridge Club.                
Year Ending 31st March 2014             Year Ending 31st March 2015      
Income     Expenditure       Income     Expenditure
Balance brought forward 31/03/2013                    
Dep Acc £739.00   C,C Subs £192.00 || Dep Acc £739.28   C,C Subs £252.00
Curr Acc £464.45   EBU Subs £0.00 || Curr Acc £343.05   EBU Subs £0.00
      C,C Rent £1,750.00 ||       C,C Rent £1,750.00
      Statnry £97.97 ||       Statnry £120.65
Table mon £2,148.00   EBU Pts £0.00 || Table mon £2,060.00   EBU Pts £0.00
C,C, Subs £192.00   Comps £0.00 || C,C, Subs £168.00   Comps £0.00
EBU Subs £0.00   Insure £110.03 || EBU Subs £0.00   Insure £68.50
B.C. Subs £68.00   Tea Cof £99.84 || B.C. Subs £60.00   Tea Cof £84.39
C. Party £140.00   C Party £354.56 || C. Party £120.00   C Party £293.00
Compt £0.00   Misc £65.00 || Compt £0.00   Misc £40.00
Bank int £0.28       || Bank int £0.26      
Trf-Dep £0.00   Tfr to Cur £0.00 || Trf-Dep £0.00   Tfr to Cur  
    Balances 31/03/14   ||     Balances 31/03/15  
      Dep Acc £739.28 ||       Dep Acc £539.54
      Curr Acc £343.05 ||       Curr Acc £342.51
      Cash IH £0.00 ||       Cash IH £0.00
Total £3,751.73     £3,751.73 || Total £3,490.59     £3,490.59



Last updated : 14th May 2015 19:06 BST
AGM 2013, Minutes of Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Guisborough Bridge Club was held on Tuesday 30th April 2013.

Apologies were received from Kevin, Philip, Sybil, Maureen, Mary and Ada.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 20th April 2012 were distributed and approved. There were no matters arising.

Angus as Secretary reported that we have had on average 6 tables per meeting during the year. The Treasurer, Kate, circulated the accounts and advised that we had made a small loss during the year due to the club having had two parties and also the club missing 5 weeks meetings due to the snow and Xmas and New Year falling on club nights. We are still left with a balance 464.45 in the current account and 739 in the Deposit account. A vote of thanks was given to Kate for her hard work looking after the finances.

The committee was re-elected for a further year. The Club does not have a Chairperson but it was felt that the election of one was unnecessary as any problems could be resolved using the present and coopted members of the committee.

A vote of thanks was given to Mike for directing during the year.

In any other business Peter Evans queried the amount in the Deposit account, and asked about Charitable status for the club. However it was decided to take no action regarding this.

Arthur asked about insurance for the Club. We do not have any at the present time so Mike Bigland is going to look into this. The cost will be about 60. It was felt that we should go ahead with this.

Kevin suggested that the Xmas party is held in the spring due to there being a number of parties held at the same time. The members approved this suggestion and arrangements will be made for the party in 2014 to be held when the better weather is with us.

The meeting closed at 6.45.  

Last updated : 23rd May 2014 13:15 BST