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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
Introduction - Members Only - Set Member Password

To use the "Member Only" pages, you will need to Login with your email and your password.

The club will have added all members to the club database, but each Member needs to have their own password

Enter your email into the "Member Login" page and if you get:

  • "Member '...' does not seem to be registered", you will need to contact the club to be registered
  • "Password Required", you can use the [Set Password] to assign a password, either the first time or if you have forgotten it

Click [Set Password]

  • Enter your email
  • Click [Continue] and, if this is a valid i.e.. registered email, Bridgewebs will send an email to you with a link to set your password, thus confirming who you are.
  • When this email arrives, a matter of seconds/minutes depending on the email services, click on the "Reset Link" in the email
  • This takes you to a [Reset Password] window
    • Enter your email 
    • Enter a password
    • Repeat Password
    • Click [Reset] button.
  • If successful, you will now be logged on and, using the [Account] Tab, can change the password to one of their own choice.
  • Subsequently, members will be able to login using just their email or name (see below) and personal password only.

Note 1

Once you have given yourself a password, you can log in with your email, affiliation number or name.

Note 2

If you have the same email as some other Member, spouse, then when you get the [Reset Password] email you will get a link for each and you can set a different password for each. Then when you login, Bridgewebs will check both email and password and log you in as appropriate.

Note 3

If you do not have an email or the email fails to arrive, possibly gone to Junk folder, ask the Web Administrator to assign a password for you

Note 4

Usually you can set up your PC/Tablets to remember both email and password, so it should only be a matter of a few clicks to get on again.