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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
Results - Upload (ScorePost)

Scorepost ( ) has an option to upload ACBL Game files to Bridgewebs.

This can be more efficient and easier to use than the Bridgewebs[Results Administration] on the main club website.

Scorepost can be used to quickly identify the ACBL Game files on your PC and automatically select the Game file and associated BWS file for uploading to Bridgewebs in a few key strokes. It is also possible using BridgeComposer to attach a deal file at the same time and if you use the Double Dummy - Makeable Contracts feature, this will be uploaded to Bridgewebs. Bridgewebs supports a pbn file with the Makeable Contracts information included.


In the Setup section Computer

  • Check the "Score File Directory" is pointing to correct place
  • Ignore "Post Files Modified After", completed automatically
  • Ignore "Bridge Composer Layout"

In the Setup section Website

  • All entries in this section ignored (not required for Bridgewebs)

In the Setup section FTP

  • Server
  • User - Bridgewebs login code
  • Password - Bridgewebs valid password ( recommend setting one for the scorer)
  • Directory - Not required
  • Tick the Alert if BWS file not found, if using Wireless Scoring Device

Setting the Server to tells ScorePost to use Scorepost as a Bridgewebs upload

Save the Setup File

  • Save the Setup file, e.g. bridgewebs.ssu
  • Close Scorepost
  • Use Windows Explorer to find the saved file.
  • Create a shortcut with say bridgewebs.ssu or myclub.ssu.
    • N.B. If on clicking on the shortcut, Windows asks for a program to open the file, you may need to go to your windows settings - "Associate File Type with..."and set "ssu" to use ScorePost
  • Creating a shortcut will open Scorepost with the relevant Setup. If you are a director uploading "Results" to more than one Bridgewebs site, you need to create an entry for each individual Bridgewebs site.

Results Administration Now all you need to do after you have finished scoring is Click the "Post Games" button near the upper left corner. The "Confirm Posting" dialog will appear, showing the files selected for posting. You will also be able to upload the hand file at the same time.