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Miscellaneous - PDF Files


PDF files are pages that have a complicated layout or contain pictures, such as newsletters that can be shown in a web site and look the same regardless of which Browser you are using.

Bridgewebs is designed to read these PDF files within a frame in your web site or allow you to open them in full screen mode. There have been some changes recently which means you may see some differences in how PDFs are handled.

  • Some browsers now have their own in-built PDF viewers. If you change to a different browser, you may find that PDFs are no longer opening within the browser. This may be due to the browser settings. This link provides details of how to check the PDF settings for various browsers.
  • Even where browsers have their own PDF viewers , for some of them, you can still opt to use Adobe Reader as the default PDF reader. To set Adobe Reader as the default see here.
  • Microsoft Edge and Chrome do not support Adobe plug-ins , so you can not use Adobe with these.
  • If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10, you may need to review your settings as described above.