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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
News - Mail Merge

The Bulk Email can be used to send an email to all members and include "Mail/Merge" tags to personalize the message.

A simple "Tick" box "Include box of member details for confirmation" can be ticked to include a table of the main Personal information, that is name, email, phone and address.

You can further refine the email yourself using "Mail/Merge" tags

The Mail/Merge tags are the same names as used on the import/export in uppercase, enclosed in curly braces.

So if the message is

"Please confirm that your phone number - {PHONE}is correct."

On each individual email, {PHONE} will be replaced with the "Phone" number from that members database record.

Please use this feature with Caution as some members may not like receiving an email with their personal details included.

Some of the more useful Mail/Merge Tags

  • NAME1
  • NAME2
  • PC (Postcode/ZIP)
  • EBU
  • CLUB1
  • CLUB2
  • CLUB3
  • CLUB4
  • CLUB5
  • CLUB6
  • CLUB7
  • CLUB8
  • RENEWAL (Club Renewal Date)