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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
Results - Live Ranking

This isn't a Bridgewebs feature as such, but uses the Bridgewebs API upload procedure to allow you to have the Live Ranking showing on your web site using the Bridgewebs "eb Builder aspects.

You will need the appropriate EBUScore/PairsScorer Release

This will allow people away from the Event, or in other parts of the venue, to view the Live Rankings.

There is a feature in PairsScorer to ftp the LiveRanking to a web site. Bridgewebs uses an API to perform this function and this is incorporated in a recent version of PairsScorer. 

  • Open the event,
  • Use the "Bridgemate Scoring" Option
  • Click on Admin Tab
  • Tick "Bridgewebs Update"
  • PLEASE ensure you have the correct "Club Code" and "Password" for your club
  • Tick "Scrolling" as required

Now, once you start running the event

  • The LiveRanks.html page will be automatically uploaded to your Bridgewebs club site every so many seconds as set up in the software 

Click on “Test Upload” to create a dummy file on your Bridgewebs site.

You will then need to go to to your club web site (Suggestion)

Add a News Item to the Home page

  • Give it a Title
  • Enter suitable words and highlighted in the text editor  "Click here to view the Live Ranking direct from the club"
  • In the Links Section:
    • "Document from Library": use the dropdown to select LiveRanks.html
    • "Plus - how to open" - Choose "New Window"
  • Click [Save]

You can simply leave this item on the Home page, or click "Hold" to hide it when not required.

N.B Future Bridgewebs Development will include options to automatically show the LiveRanks.html page when available and current, otherwise show a suitable message.