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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
Document Library - Documents

The Document feature is provided to allow you to upload files for Club Minutes, Entry Forms and any other related information which does not fall into the standard Bridgewebs features. Usually, this will be because you have created a Word Processing document, Spreadsheet for the results or some other Web Page. Bridgewebs accepts a number of formats as defined by the suffix.

  • HTM(L) - Web page
  • PDF - A particularly useful file format is a PDF, these can be quite small and relatively quick for the user to view.
  • DOC - Word document
  • CSV - Comma Separated Format
  • PPS - Powerpoint (with restrictions)
  • PPT - Powerpoint (with restrictions)
  • RTF - Rich Text Format produced by Word Processors
  • XLS - Spreadsheet

PDF is the best format to use for General Purpose documents or anything containing Picture or Images

More information on PDFs here.

DOC/RTF are no longer supported directly within the Browsers because of Security issues and are slow to upload (nothing specifically to do with Bridgewebs). Most PC Software now have facilities to [Save As] PDF.

Uploaded "Documents" can be used in a number of places

  • As a link in a "News" item
  • In the Calendar
  • As a web page in their own right accessed direct from the menu,