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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
Membership - Bulk Email Log


Use the option in "Web Administration" - "Membership" - "Email Members" - "View Log" to determine the status of Bulk Emails sent and/or reset a Status


The email has been successfully sent with no indication of any failure.


The email has been successfully opened by the recipient.


The email has been successfully opened and the recipient has clicked on the link contained within the email to arrive at the club's web site. This excludes clicking Unsubscribe which is considered a failure and see below.


The email has failed to be delivered for a variety of reasons.

  • Invalid email
  • Recipient mail server has deemed message to be Spam
  • Recipient uses automatic spam checker which requires manual intervention

For a permanent error the email will be marked as "Bounced" and no further emails will be attempted.

Bulk emails will not be sent to Members who have previously "Unsubscribed", marked an email as "Junk" or "Spam", or the email has failed "Bounced". The Bulk Email feature is a Bridgewebs wide service and thus an email which has failed for one club will fail for all.


According to "Bulk Email" good practices, all Bulk Email is sent with an "Unsubscribe" link.

The person getting an email from Bridgewebs can then click the "Unsubscribe" link and they will not receive any more emails from Bridgewebs, regardless of any club settings. This can be removed via the "View Log" in "Member Email", but should ONLY be used if the recipient has contacted you to "Subscribe" such as if they have clicked the "Unsubscribe" link just to see what happens.

NOTE: If someone "Unsubscribes" an email from one club, they will not receive an email from any club.


"Bounced" emails are those which have been attempted to be sent but have permanently failed to be sent. Generally this is because the email is invalid or the Member's email is old.

If "Bounced" emails are showing you will need to check that the email is spelt correctly and is currently valid for the Member. Please then update the Membership database. If you still think the email is valid, then this can be removed via the "View Log" in "Member Email" and try again


If a person receives an email and marks it as "Junk" or "Spam", then this will be logged and no further emails will be sent to that email. As it is not intended to use Bridgewebs for regular "Marketing", PLEASE ensure that all your members have agreed to receive emails from Bridgewebs.

As marking an email as Junk can reduce the "Email Reputation" of Bridgewebs and thus potentially reduce the chances of genuine emails going through, please ensure the Member who marked the email as Junk is aware that they should be using the Unsubscribe option if they do not want any email or inform the club and set the "Opt Out".