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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
Miscellaneous - Upload Browse Button

Where you see a [Browse] button in the "Web Administration", this is a facility to "Upload" a file (data/document/picture/image) direct from your PC to the Web Site, in each case you will need to follow the procedure below.

  • Ignore the Input Box to the left of the [Browse] button.
  • Click on the [Browse] button. This will open a popup window showing the folders on your PC.
  • Find the File that you want to upload.
    • You will need to click "Look In".
    • You may need to change the folder. Use the "Down Arrow" and choose as necessary.
    • You may need to change the style of list with the .
    • With the "Down Arrow" select "detail" so that you can see the type of file and date modified.
  • When you have found the file you are looking for, click [Open], the popup will close and put the name of the file in the Input box to the left of the [Browse] button.
  • When you have completed the remainder of the detail for web site item and clicked [Upload/Update/Save] as appropriate, the file will be transferred to the web-site.
  • To prevent any potential problems, files over 5Mb will be rejected.
  • This will save the file on the web site.
  • NOTE, some files such as pictures may be large and, usually, an UPLOAD of a file from your PC is quite a bit slower than a DOWNLOAD, even if you are using Broadband, please be patient.