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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
Results - Upload (ACBL)

The ACBL software provides for the scoring of events and sections. Bridgewebs provide a simple method of uploading the ACBL Game file and Bridgewebs does everything else, extracting the necessary information for displaying the results, rank, travellers, hands and sections all in an easy to read format. Because Bridgewebs is an online system, this information can be presented in a way that is just not possible using the HTML web page files created using ACBL. This is all you need to do.

If you also use a "Wireless Scoring" system, an additional file can be used to upload to Bridgewebs to show contracts. Similarly if you use pre-dealt hands, the deal file can be uploaded to show the Hands against the appropriate board.

1. Uploading to Bridgewebs

Go to your Bridgewebs club web site to upload the results.

  • Click - Home
  • Click - Administration
  • Click - Results Administration

The "Results Administration" window then asks you to select the files from your PC to upload.

ACBL Game file:
Wireless Scoring File:
Deal File:
Information File:


  • Click [Browse] against "ACBL Game File: - this will open up Explorer on your PC.
    The first time you use the [Browse] button it will take you to your Desktop or whatever you last used, so you will need to look in the left hand panel and change libraries to Computer - C: - ACBLSCORE - GAMEFILE
  • Click on "Date Modified" to sort the files to latest modified.
    You will now need to look for the applicable ACBL Game file which should be at the top.
    The format of the ACBL filename is either YYMMDD.acX or YYMMDDX.ace where X is:
    • M - Morning
    • A - Afternoon
    • E - Evening
    • L - Late
  • However, Bridgewebs will accept any file name provided it has a suffix of ACA ACM ACE ACL upper or lowercase
  • When you have found it Click and Click "Open" or "Double Click" to open the file
    the name of the file will now appear in the box alongside [Browse]. You CANNOT change this name even though it looks as though you can.
  • When using "Wireless Scoring", there is a corresponding file YYMMDDX.bwsfile. This file contains the contract information for showing against the personal score card and travellers. Repeat the [Browse] against the "Wireless" entry and open this file.
  • When using pre-dealt hands you will need to browse for the deal file which will have a suffix of dlm, pbn or dup. This file is used to extract the hand against an appropriate board. Repeat the [Browse] against the "Deal File" entry and open this file.
  • If you would also like a further PDF file to be shown against the results, [Browse] this into the "Information" box.
  • Enter your password (Bridgewebs will remember this, if used within 1 hour as per your system settings)
  • Once you have [Browsed] for all the appropriate files, click [Upload], you do need to do this together as the upload attaches the extra files to the appropriate calendar entry.

2. Wireless Scoring

The "Wireless Scoring" file is primarily used to record the contracts and will be of benefit to the members in reviewing their results.

There is a slight problem in that if you modify the scores in ACBL after the event, the contracts are not correspondingly corrected. Bridgewebs highlights any discrepancies by checking the "Wireless Scoring" score against the ACBL score for each board/round.

3. Predealt Hands

If you are using a dealing machine, then the dealing software will provide you a file that can be uploaded. The preferred format is ".PBN" which contains further information such as makeable contracts.

4. Setting Up for American Style

There are a couple of setup options required, in Web Administration

Settings - Options

Scoring Software

Select the Scoring Software for ACBL

  • Scoring Software = ACBL.


Wireless System

Select the "Wireless System that you are using

  • Bridgemate
  • Bridgepad
  • Bridge Scorer
  • Other


Travellers - Tricks

How to show tricks on Traveller", for American Style, you will need "Tricks Made or Tricks Down" which gives

  • Making the contract, e.g.
    • 1N+1 is displayed as 2 made
    • 3N= is displayed as 3 made
    • 3N+1 is displayed as 4 made
  • Going Down
    • -1, -2, etc., is displayed as is