Membership - Member Registration

A "Members Only" feature is available that enables you to add information to the web site that is only accessible to members who are registered and logon and thus not available to the general public.

More details on the features can be found by clicking Features

The preferred and simpler method is to Pre-Register your members by entering or uploading a membership database. For backward compatibility the alternative method of allowing members to register themselves is still available:

1. Pre-Register Members

See Set Member Password

2. Allow Members to Register Themselves

When a member clicks on a restricted page they will be taken to a login window with a login box and a register [button].

If you change the "Member Registration Code", then all registered members will still be able to continue using their own passwords, but new members will need the new "Member Registration Code". Changing this can be used effectively to stop anyone new registering if necessary, because if they do not know this they cannot register.