Membership - Members Only Features

A members only feature is available that enables you to add information to the web site that is only accessible to members who register and logon and thus not available to the general public.

More details on setting this up can be found by clicking Setup

This "Members Only Page" has 8 standard Tabs.


The way it works is that there is an additional "Members Only" password that you can set up and give to your club members, i.e.. word of mouth. Then the members can register to use the "Members Only" section through the web site, by entering their Name, email and password and using this "Members Only" password the first time they register.

The "Messages" Tab

This page allows users to see messages entered by other members and enter their own message. Messages can be created quickly using one of the system generated messages or enter their own. You can also set how long a message should stay there for.

"List of Members" Tab

The "List of Members" is similar to the "List of Members" shown in the "Information" section on the public site, except that you can choose different information to show, knowing that it is prevented from access by the general public.

"Accounts" Tab

Allows registered members to adjust their own information.

"Download" Tab

Allows members to access the Download feature to obtain results by email.

Altering the contents of the Members Only page

You can select which tabs are visible on the Members Only Page.

All the tabs shown in the Current Member tabs will appear on the Members Only page.

The tabs can be moved up or down the list by dragging and dropping the tab into the required position.

The Unused Member Tabs lists the tabs that are not currently shown on the Members Only page.

To include one of these tabs on the Members Only page, drag the tab up to the Current Member Tabs and drop into the required position. Similarly to remove a tab from the Members Only page, drag it down to the Unused Member Tabs and drop to the left of the Spare tab. Note, it’s not possible to move the Spare tab.