Membership - Synch Part 1

The membership database is used for a number of purposes in Bridgewebs:

The "Bridgewebs Membership (BWMDB) - Scoring Player Database (SPDB) Synchronization" provides a method of maintaining membership information in one place. You will find this in Web Admin - Membership Options.

Pre registration  
Do you want to pre-register all your members (Preferred
Bridgewebs Membership (BWMDB) - Scoring Player Database (SPDB) Synchronization  
Do you want to want to update the BWMDB from the SPDB when uploaded, if "Yes" following questions apply?
Do you want to ignore visitors from the SPDB when uploading?
Do you want to retain any BWMDB personal information, if present, rather than using the SPDB?
Do you want to update the personal information on the SPDB when the information is manually updated on the BWMDB?

For security/technical reasons, there are some limitations on amendments, additions and deletions

The Member's Password remains within Bridgewebs, is not visible in Web Admin and is not exported.

The BWMDB is available within Web Admin. If you would like to restrict access, then use a secondary password and Untick the Membership box, in Settings - Passwords.

Also, in the "Membership" options, you can set which fields the Administrator can see (1st "Admin" line) and which fields Members can see (2nd Members Line). Generally, the third "Public" option is not used due to "Data Protection" considerations, but if used can be restricted to just name and phone.

The Member can modify their own "personal" information.