Membership - Import/Export

There are two of ways of maintaining the Membership database in Bridgewebs.

The best way is first to Export the existing Membership database which will give you the desired format


When you click [Export] an email will be created and sent to the email specified with an attachment of the membership database in csv format, members.csv.

You can then update this yourself using Spreadsheet software or for any other purpose as necessary, such as providing special lists.


You can then use this same file to import back into Bridgewebs.
If you have added extra columns of your own these will be ignored.

Membership Options

If you use this Import/Export technique and upload the Player database, you may want to turn off any automatic update from the upload. Go to "Options" and set "Synchronize" to "No"


For safety reasons the Import will amend and add members, but any missing entries will simply be left as they were and you will have to delete them manually.
The date format at present is Europe DD/MM/YYYY.