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BridgeWebs User Guide & Help
Introduction - Player - Introduction

This guide describes the features of Bridgewebs. Within Bridgewebs, you will find [?] or [Help] buttons that take you straight to the relevant page of this guide. If you would like to review this guide as a scrollable document or want to print out the entire contents (about 70 pages) then click on [List Style] in the title bar above left at any time. You can also use the [List Style] format to do a Browser Page Search.

If you want to add the Guide to your favourites or open in a full window, you can find it at

Unlike a conventional web site, Bridgewebs is an online system and each page is created as needed from the tables of information, such as calendar and results held within the web site.

Have a look at the Getting Started section for a brief overview of what to do and then at the individual section for more details.