Silver Point Week
180.42 Points Earned

Barbara Lehrer
Betsy Mayers

15.16 Silver MPS

Ken Hoke
Peg Patterson

12.00 Silver MPS

Jack Meredith
Bill Stewart

11.81 Silver MPS

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Youth Bridge
W NC Youth Bridge

In the fall of 2016 Unit 171 changed the Youth Bridge Program.  In the past Linda Brown had been coordinating and running the majority of Youth Bridge Services for Buncombe County.  Now, the Unit has elected to have local bridge clubs implement their own Youth Bridge Program.

Grand Slam sponsors Youth Bridge in several schools in Buncombe County and is planning on putting together a Youth Bridge Camp for 2018.

We hold a Beginner/Youth 0-20 game most Sundays at the JCC, 1:30.

We offer classes and or practice hands on Tuesday evening at the JCC 6:30 and Youth Bridge Players are welcome to join us.

We will be updating this page in the near future once we finalize our Youth Bridge offerings.