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Latest (December) committee minutes published.  December newsletter out.    

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17 Dec 2018 : latest newsletter - December 2018 

06 Dec 2018 : committee minutes from 04 December out.

31 Oct 2018 : Knock Out draw published

13 Sep 2018 : entries being chased for ther Everett Cup on 20th October.

GCBA Events

GCBA runs the Monday night bridge (mostly short series of event) at Cheltenham bridge Club, and a variety of weekend events (more stand-alone).

The latest GCBA Rules are found by clicking here.   A summary of current competitions is at click here.   The latest GCBA Rules for the Cleverly Teams League (replacing the Clubs League) are found here.

For more details on any event, choose from the menu on the left under GCBA Events - selecting either Monday or weekend, and either Pairs or Teams.

Monday Nights : 2018-19

These Events are generally multi-session but pre-entry is mandatory only for the County League (but notice of newcomers is always welcome - by email to The Monday night pattern depends on which Monday of the month it is

  • FIRST MONDAY : four sessions of Winter Swiss Teams (Sep-Dec),  four sessions of Spring Teams (Jan-Apr), one Bank Holiday pairs, and three Summer Teams (Jun-Aug).
  • SECOND MONDAY : five sessions of Winter Pairs (Sep-Jan),  three sessions of Spring Swiss Pairs (Feb-Apr), and four of Summer Pairs (May-Aug).
  • THIRD MONDAY : eight sessions of the County League (Sep-Apr), four sessions of Summer Teams (May-Aug).
  • FOURTH MONDAY : different events throughout, although the last five are part of the Summer Pairs season. They are all matchpoint pairs except for the COunty KO Qualifying on 22nd October.
  • FIFTH MONDAY : we have given up on New Year's Eve in December, but have League in October & April, Summer Pairs in July.

More details are given in the tabs on the left (Monday Night Pairs, Monday Night Teams).

There are no restrictions on entry imposed by a person's county of allegiance.  The only effect that has is on representing Gloucestershire in the Corwen or Pachabo if you happen to do well in the County Pairs or the County Knock-Out.

Weekend Events : 2018-19

The GCBA runs a mix of matchpoint pairs events and teams events, with some open to all, and some restricted entry.  More details can be found on the tabs on the left, but the summary is

  • Open events, with teams scoring : Everett Cup and Costswold Cup (usually entry as a pair).
  • Finals with club qualifying rounds : County Pairs (open) and the Ace of Clubs (restricted).
  • Restricted entry ("non-expert") teams game for club representative teams : Rank Xerox and Bredon Vale.

The events are spread throughout the year and on a mix of days, in an attempt to avoid ruling any player out of all of them. These events take place at Cheltenham Bridge Club, and the starting time is given on the calendar (and in the item's description).


This is awarded annually to whoever collects the greatest number of Master Points on Monday evenings, in the September to August year.  Those who have played in the top County team (Dawes or Tollemache) in the past three years are not eligible. The trophy was given to the County by Jamie Paterson, Geoffrey's son in 2011. 

Winners in the past have been

  • 2011 : Anne Swannell ahead of Richard Harris
  • 2012 : Tony Letts ahead of Richard Harris
  • 2013 : Paul Lilley ahead of Wendy Angseesing
  • 2014 : Anne Swannell ahead of Richard Harris
  • 2015 : Wendy Angseesing ahead of Lesley Harrison
  • 2016 : Martin McWilliam ahead of Paul Lilley
  • 2017 : Ashok Kwatra ahead of Peter Swales
  • 2018 : Roger Schofield ahead of Tony Letts
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