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Latest committee minutes published.  Latest newsletter published.  Details of next year's competitions are now available (GCBA Events button above) July Committee meeting notes now out - click here. 

GCBA now has a Facebook presence : search on "GCBA bridge" or click here to find it; if you have a Facebook account, you can "follow" the page and get all the news delivered to you as it happens.

 Printed Calendars for 2018/19

They are available at CBC please take one.  If your club would like some sent to you please ask Judy


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Tollemache Team 2018/9

The Team for the Tollemache Qualifier

(17th/18th November 2018)

J Sanis (Capt.)
RJA Butland & G Watson
PJ Denning & R Plackett
P Shields & RM Chamberlain
J Atthey & C Robinson

K Stanley & J Angseesing
D Nettleton & B Youngs


31st Jul 2018 : latest newsletter - July/August 2018 

28 Jul 2018 : dates and formats etc for next year's competitions are now available from the "GCBA Events" tab.

13 Jul 2018 : minutes of two committee meeting published (21jun, 02jul)

2 Jun 2018 : latest newsletter - June 2018; the Privacy Notice has been published;  the County Strategy which will be reviewed this month is there for reading;  the AGM minutes are published.

06 May 2018: the latest newletter is there - May 2018, and older are on the Newsletter TAB on left.  Committee minutes for April 18 meeting now added.

20 Feb 2018 : latests two sets of committee minutes added under GCBA Organisation TAB08 Jul : Facebook logo link added to the top of the screen

01 Apr : the EBU have released a video about card dealing - well worth watching - click here.

Monday Night Teams Events
Spring & Summer Teams 2017-18

Summer Teams:  Starting on Monday June 4th.  Each evening Multiple Teams.  Top 4 teams each evening earn VPs (8 down to 2) to accumulate to an overall total.  To enter just turn up as a team on any of the six evenings.  Individuals in that team score the points and the overall winner will be the individual with the best overall total (subject to at most 2 scores with same partner).

Winter Swiss Teams 2018

This starts on Monday September 3rd 2018  and there are 4 sessions on the first Mondays of September to December, with 2*14 board matches each night.

Assignments will be based on current ranking, and rematches will be avoided except that on the final session where a team can play again a team they played in session one or session two.

You are welcome to turn up even for a single session but it helps if  (after the first session) a new or missing teams lets the TD know in advance ( is best).

County League 2018-19

This event runs over 10 sessions, these being the third Monday in each month from September 2018 to April 2019 (inclusive) plus the fifth Sundays in October and April.  Entries need to be made on the list at CBC (or to by 7th September.

The League is for teams of four to six players, with head to head matches of 28 boards over 10 sessions.  Details of matches and results can be found by clicking in the County league box on the right of the Home page.

There is also a Cleverly Teams League, which is played at the convenience of the teams involved. There are four divisions currently.  Contact Richard Harris if you are interested in joining in.

Monday Single Session Teams 2018-19

The County Knock Out Qualifying will be held Monday 22nd October 2018.   The County KO is the County's major teams trophy and the winners are given the opportunity to represent Gloucestershire in the EBU's Pachabo Cup. This session will be multiple teams unless the numbers present are exactly 8 or 16, in which case it will consist of 32-board knock-out matches from a random draw. This session will reduce the field to either 8 or 4, who now arrange their own knock-out matches.  Matches are of 32 boards in the round of 8, 40 boards in the round of 4, and 48 boards in the final - unless both captains agree beforehand to a shorter match.  Green Points awarded at the Knockout stages of the competition.

The Rank Xerox Trophy for club teams will be held on Monday 28th January 2019Clubs can enter up to 2 teams each of four people.  Prior entry not required but could be helpful for making arrangements.

Spring Teams 2019

This series will run over 4 sessions - the first Monday of each month January through April 2019.  Each session is a mutliple teams event, and the members of the top four teams on the evening will each receive 8/6/4/2 points towards their score across the series.  This is a teams event, and the team with the highest points total wins.  Any foursome can turn up on any evening - no notice is required.

[The Bridgewebs scoring of Competitions does not cope well with this event currently]

Summer Teams 2019

This series will run over 7 sessions starting in May 2019 and running through until August.  Each session is a mutliple teams event, and the members of the top four teams on the evening will each receive 8/6/4/2 points towards their score across the series.  This is an indiviual event, and the individual with the highest points total wins (subject to not more than two scores achieved with the same partner).  Any foursome can turn up on any evening - no notice is required.