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Cleverly Teams
CTL arrangements for 2017-18

The Cleverly Teams League is now being organised by Richard Harris on behalf of the County.  (This was previously called the Clubs League for which the winners of the top division were holders of the Cleverly Cup).

This year (September 2017) we have had a drive to bring new players into this competition, and hope this will be a a friendly introduction for them to playing Teams Bridge. 

We have 25 teams organised in 4 divisions (the top division county-wide, plus divisions for North-West, North-East and South).   Captains are being informed of the division they are in and of their opponents contact details.   The final list of teams is here. 

We ask that matches get arranged as far ahead as practical, to avoid difficulty later in the season.  Every team has 5 or 6 matches to be played between October and April.

The entry fee of £5 per team has to be paid to Richard Harris.  Any difficulties - please contact Richard through

More complete rules here. (Updated 12 March 2018).

All CTL teams are invited to participate in the CTL Open Day at Cheltenham Bridge Club on Sunday 17th June (starting 1330).  This will be a multiple teams day and will incorporate the play-offs to determine promotion to the top division for next year.  How many teams will be involved in the play-off is still to be confirmed, but it will include at least the winners of each division.

We capture the results using the EBU's League system - instruction on how to use that can be found by clicking here.

Just to clarify two questions which have been raised -

  • matches remain of 24 board, played in two sets of 12 with a change of opposition at half time, and the VP scale has not chnaged from previous years.
  • although some teams have club names and club affiliations and were formed within clubs, teams can be formed by any group of interested players.  Substitutes can be used freely if that makes arranging matches easier, as long as the substitute is not a core (nominated) member of another team in the same Division - as that could create divded loyalties.   A substitute can sub for many teams if wanted.

The 2017 winners were Thribb A (in Div One), Cheltenham C (in Div Two), and Newent E (in Div Three).