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Stop Press!!
Newent B.C invites you to the Club's first Saturday Competition.
It will be a "Sim Pairs"
Saturday 7th June at Newent School
contact  Brian at:

Green Point Weekend

July 19th & 20th

Click here for entry form.  Click here for more details.


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 New season starts in May with

11 May : Notts at home

15 Jun : Warwick away

14 Sep : Worcester at home

12 Oct : Oxford away

09 Nov : Leicester away

07 Dec : Derby at home

08 Feb : Lincoln at Leicester

29 Mar : Stafford away

Dawes Porter & Markham Leagues - latest (click here for more)

Teams for the May 11th match (home to Notts):


Angseesing & Chamberlain, Collard & Hope, Denning & Hill, Shields & Wearmouth

Angseesing W & Wignall, Constable & Constable, Phair & Simons, Rogers & Waggett

Dorin & Swannell, Gilham & Nicholls, Goalby & Letts, Powell & Powell


Teams for the June 15th match (as best we know it):


Butland & Denning, Chamberlain+1, Collard & Hope, Shields & Wearmouth

Atthey & Barrett, Constable & Constable, Phair & Simons, Letts & Sanis

4 pairs from : Dorin & Swannell, Gilham & Nicholls, Harris & Rogers, Powell & Powell, Sanis & Schofield

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Gloucestershire Clubs
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AGM and Champions Cup
Sunday June 8th  2.15pm

Please do come and then stay for the
Champions Cup - Pairs Competition
Splendid Tea!

All Welcome

Spring Season
Mondays in April:
21st April:  Bank Holiday Pairs 1

28th April:  County League 9

Mondays in May:
5th May:   Bank Holiday Pairs 2

12th May: Spring Swiss Pairs 5

19th May: County League 10

26th May  Bank Holiday Pairs 3

Gloucestershire and Herefordshire Green Point
Green Point Weekend
July 19th SWISS PAIRS and July 20th SWISS TEAMS
Held at the Larruperz Centre in Ross on Wye
GCBA Bridge Holiday

The GCBA is organising an overseas bridge holiday - its first ever - it happens in November, just when you want to get away - featuring our own Andrew Kambites & Judy Sanis - click here for the brochure.

Ace of Clubs Championship

This is the renamed Club Players Championship. All 5 sessions have been played. Full results for sessions to be found from the results on right hand side (or the RESULTS tab) and cumulative results can be found on the COMPETITIONS tab (to the left).

Congratulations to Ken & Diana Vowles on winning - despite being pushed very hard by John Botting & John Skjonnemand in the last round.  Their averages ended up as 57.72% and 57.31% respectively - roughly one third of a top on a board between them.  Twelve pairs played the three or more sessions required to win the trophy, and only one pair managed all five sessions.

Clubs also receive points for how their pairs perform, and the highest scoring club was Cheltenham (who scored 206 points), followed by Stroud (with 146).

The RANK XEROX competition planned for Sunday 23rd March has been postponed;  we had only two teams entered and that is not a viable competition.   All thoughts on what we should do, from candidate clubs and from potential team members, would be welcome - we want to find a way to make this an attractive inter-club competition for players to don't often play county events.   Please email ideas to Patrick
Latest Trophy Winners

County KO : Shields, Angseesing J, Rue, Simons J, Stanley (Toby Roberts)

Winter Teams 1 : Joe & Wendy Angseesing, Richard Chamberlain, Christian Fleming, Roger Jackson & Mike Wignall

Winter Teams 2 : Tony Letts & Roger Schofield, Judy Sanis & Keith Sharpe

Ace of Clubs Stroud winners : Megan Davis & Leila Ocana Gil

Mixed Pairs : Alan Wearmouth & Sue Evans (Angseesings win the flitch)

Ace of Clubs Churchdown winners : Diana & Kenneth Vowles

County Pairs winners : Tricia Gilham & Roger Nicholls

Ace of Clubs Cheltenham winners: Joh Botting & John Skjonnemand

Ace of Clubs - Winners of the 5 round competition: Diana & Kenneth Vowles

External Results

Please email any external result to for inclusion here.

In the EBU National Inter-Club (NICKO) : there are no Gloucestershire teams in the last 32 after defeats by West of England (Bristol) and by Trowbridge County Town.  We've also lost our rep in the NICKO Plate (to Thame)

In Crockfords : Paul Denning's team is in the last 32 and plays a team from Dorset.

In the Gold Cup : Wendy Angseesing's team and Paul Denning's team both won their third round matches, and are through to the last 32.

County Knock Out

Click above for this year's draw & results.

Well done to : Patrick Shields, Joe Angseesing, Derek Rue, Jim Simons and Keith Stanley (helped out by Toby Roberts in the qualifying round). Winners two years running.

County League

Final results for County League 7th April - Match 8.

Butler Imps on Information page - wine prize to Pam Pearce and Steve Evans

League table (Div 1 adjusted for Harrison withdrawal - and now showing average score for Div 1) as at 7th April 2014 is found by clicking here.  

Clubs League results are found by clicking here.

21st Apr 2014
Bank Holiday Pairs 1
14th Apr 2014
Spring Swiss Pairs 4
13th Apr 2014
Ace of Clubs
7th Apr 2014
County League Match 8
31st Mar 2014
Spring Swiss Pairs 3
30th Mar 2014
Leslie Everett Cup
24th Mar 2014
County League 7
17th Mar 2014
Spring Swiss Pairs 2
10th Mar 2014
County Swiss Teams 7
10th Mar 2014
GCBA Winter Teams Final 2(B)
28th Apr 2014
County League 9
 Click for more information
2nd May 2014
Cheltenham Congress
3rd May 2014
Cheltenham Congress Pairs
4th May 2014
Cheltenham Congress Swiss Teams
5th May 2014
Bank Holiday Pairs 2
11th May 2014
12th May 2014
Spring Swiss Pairs 5
19th May 2014
County League 10
 Click for more information
26th May 2014
Bank Holiday Pairs 3
2nd Jun 2014
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