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"A Friendly and Sociable Competition"

League matches played in players' homes from September to April

If interested contact David Hauser by end of August

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STROUD : starting Thursday 18th September, by Angelos at the Imperial Hotel.   Click here for more details.

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Welcome to our Autumn Season

  There is still time to organise partners and team mates for the new competitions that start on Mondays in September.  Don't miss out! 

Mondays in September : click here for format summary
1st Sep:    Winter Pairs 1 (matchpointed, first Monday next six month, just turn up as often as you can)
8th Sep:    League 1 (entries on board in back room, by 1 Sep)
15th Sep:  Swiss Teams 1 (just turn up as a foursome, 2 matches each night)
22nd Sep:  Women's & Men's Pairs (just turn up with an appropriate partner)
29th Sep:   Swiss Teams 2 (the next two matches, let Patrick know if a new team)
Latest Trophy Winners

Bank Holiday Pairs : Paul Lilley & Mike Wignall

Summer Pairs : Paul Lilley

Summer Teams : Ian & Val Constable, Richard Chamberlain, Patrick Shields, Jim Simons

Midlands Leagues

Midlands League line-ups

14th September match (home to Worcestershire)

Standbys: Roger Schofield & Huw Oliver

Tony Hill & Alan Wearmouth (capt)

Paul Denning & Richard Butland

Joe Angseesing & Richard Chamberlain

Roy Collard & David Hope

Ian (capt) and Val Constable

Peter Waggett & Mark Rogers

Tony Letts & Brian Goalby

Wendy Angseesing & Mike Wignall

Paul Lilley & Lesley Harrison (capt)

Anne Swannell & Nasturas Dorin

Malcolm Green and Mike Lewis

Roger Nicholls & Tricia Gilham  

12th October match (away to Oxfordshire)

Standbys: Ashok Kwatra & David Simons

Patrick Shields & Alan Wearmouth

Paul Denning & Richard Butland

Joe Angseesing & Richard Chamberlain

Roy Collard & David Hope

Ian and Val Constable

Peter Waggett & Mark Rogers

Jim Simons & Patrick Phair

Wendy Angseesing & Mike Wignall

Roger Schofield & Judy Sanis

Anne Swannell & Nasturas Dorin

Tony Letts & Brian Goalby

Roger Nicholls & Tricia Gilham    


External Results

Please email any external result to for inclusion here.

In the London Easter Congress, Graham Sadie & Patrick Shields came 2nd out of 96 in the main pairs event.

In the Torquay Congress the team with John Councer, Nicky Ferguson & Pam Pearce came first out of 60.


In Crockfords : Paul Denning's team has lost to a team from Kent in the round of 16 and is now out of the competition.

In the Gold Cup : Paul Denning's team is through to the last 16 and play a London team. Richard Butland has reached the last 8, as part of John Reardon's London-Kent team.

County Knock Out

Click above for this year's draw & results.

Well done to : Patrick Shields, Joe Angseesing, Derek Rue, Jim Simons and Keith Stanley (helped out by Toby Roberts in the qualifying round). Winners two years running.

County League

New County League 2014/15

Don't forget to sign up for the new season by 1st September

 2013/14 League tables found by clicking here.  

Clubs League results are found by clicking here.

1st Sep 2014
Winter Pairs 1
25th Aug 2014
Bank Holiday Pairs 4
18th Aug 2014
Summer Pivot Teams 6
11th Aug 2014
Summer Pairs 5
4th Aug 2014
Summer Pivot Teams 5
28th Jul 2014
Summer Pairs 4
21st Jul 2014
Summer Pivot Teams 4
20th Jul 2014
G&H Weekend Green Pt Swiss Teams
19th Jul 2014
G&H Weekend Green Pt Swiss Pairs
14th Jul 2014
Summer Pairs 3
8th Sep 2014
County League 1
14th Sep 2014
15th Sep 2014
Swiss Teams 1
22nd Sep 2014
Women's & Men's Pairs
27th Sep 2014
29th Sep 2014
Swiss Teams 2
5th Oct 2014
Ace of Clubs
6th Oct 2014
Winter Pairs 2
12th Oct 2014
13th Oct 2014
County League 2
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