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12th Nov 2018 19:57 GMT
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8th November:

Hannaford and Smyth Results!!

The winner of this years' competiton are:

Hannaford Trophy: Gloucester Bridge Club 'A' Team  

Smyth Trophy: Cheltenham Bridge Club 'B' Team

Warmest congratulations to both teams!




Competition Rules

Johnson and Jubilee Cups

Match Pointed Pairs competitions, run in parallel once a month from October through to May, and scored on a percentage basis over a maximum of eight sessions, with a minimum of five results required to qualify as winners. All results will count towards a pairs total score and in addition all pairs are ‘given’ one score of 50% at the start, to make the scoring system fairer for pairs who play more than the minimum number of five sessions.

Pairs where both players are below the rank of Regional Master or who have never won the Johnson Cup or have won the Jubilee Cup not more than three times can compete for the Jubilee Cup, whilst any pair can compete for the Johnson Cup.

Vowles Cup and Vowles Salver for Teams of Four

The Vowles competition for teams of four will be run over 8 sessions from October to May in a multiple teams format scored as Victory Points, and converted to a percentage of the maximum available so that all counting sessions carry equal weight.

After the first five sessions the leading teams will qualify, based on the best 4 results out of 5, to compete in tier 1, the Vowles Cup, playing each other for the final three sessions. The lower half of the field will compete against each other in tier 2, for the Salver.

Absences: A team may call on substitutes whenever one of their players is unavailable (e.g. through illness), the team captain being responsible for finding the substitute. If a team misses more than one session in the qualifying stage they will be unable to qualify for the Cup, but may still compete for the Salver.

Ladies’ Pairs and Men’s Pairs

Single Session Match Pointed Pairs Events. The event will be played in separate sections, provided there are sufficient players of each gender to form two sections, otherwise the event may be played in a single section, at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Mixed Pairs

A Single Session Match Pointed Pairs Event.

Parr Trophy

A Single Session Match Pointed Pairs Event.

GBC Prize Pairs

A series of Single Session Match Pointed Pairs Events providing a prize for the winning pair every session. Wherever possible the winners will be awarded their prizes on the night of the event.

Summer Pairs Competition

A Match Pointed Pairs Competition where players can only count ONE score with the same partner, and overall it is an individual competition based on percentage scores. A Player’s best five percentage scores with different partners will determine the overall winner.

Individual Competitions

Single Session Events, with match pointed pairs scoring. All players will be restricted to a ‘simple’ bidding system.

Regulations regarding Gloucester Bridge Club Trophies

In order to win any Gloucester Bridge Club Trophy, a competitor must be a fully paid up member of GBC before play starts on the first round of the event, except for Open Events.

If the winning pair or team does include a non-GBC member, the trophy will be awarded to the highest ranked pair or team which contains only GBC members.

In the Vowles Cup and Salver Teams, which run over several sessions, the present system of allowing substitutes to play when regular team members are absent will continue. The substitutes need not be GBC members. The name of any substitute will not appear on any trophy.

Non-member pairs or teams may win Open Events and their names will be engraved on the trophy and shown on the Web-site - Non-members will not however be allowed to take away the trophy.