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Watch this space for any important announcements - such as snow and ice alerts (which hopefully we wont have to make later in the year.)


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Ladder Awards

Congratulations to Carol & Jerry Rudge who won last quarter's Friday Ladder with 59.64%.  Runners up were Ashlyn Smith & Sue Bell with 57.35%. 

Congratulations also to Irene Tcheng & Wendy Sherwood who won the Tuesday Ladder with 55.49%.  Runner up was Lynn Elvy with 55.07%.  Well done.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions of £5 became due 1 July.  Renewal forms can be obtained from the club.

Bridge Verse

 Frustrated bridge players have often resorted to verse - or worse - to relieve their feelings. "Goodbye to bridge" describes how we all feel on occasions. We all know how to bid and play - but stray from the path of righteousness all too often: "My way" warns partner of our frailties. "Slow play" is a director's lament - though Ros and Sandy have never gone as far as the director in the verse.

To read these well known offerings go to the "Bridge Verse" page via the menu

If anyone has any other interesting pieces of bridge verse, please do let us have them.

Have we made a mistake?

Queries and appeals about possible errors should be made to the director responsible for the session by 5.00pm on Monday for Friday sessions and by 5.00pm on Thursday for Tuesday sessions.

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