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Remember to uphold ACBL's Zero Tolerance policy.

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Reference Documents
2017 Changes in ACBL Laws

To read a summary of the 2017 changes to the Laws of Duplicate Bridge, click here.

Larry Cohen on Bridge Behavior

To read Larry Cohen's article on How to Behave Like a Professional, click here.

Bidding Requirements

To view ACBL bidding requirements, click here.

Bidding Restrictions Template

To view specific ACBL prohibited bids, click here.

Bidding Restrictions - Goren Point Chart

To view the Goren point chart used in the Bidding Restrictions documents, click here.

Unauthorized Information - Detailed Instructions

To learn, in detail,  how to handle Unauthorized Information, click here.

Unauthorized Information - Common Examples

To view a list of common types of Unauthorized Information, click here.

Unauthorized Information - Definition

For a brief definition of Unauthorized Information click here.

ACBL Alert Chart

The ACBL Alert Chart can be found here.

Opening NT With a Singleton

As of August 1, 2016, ACBL permits opening a no trump with a singleton ONLY if the singleton is an A, K, or a Q and there is no doubleton in the hand.  For complete rules on this, click here.

No Secrets in Bridge!

We have a number of new players in our club.  Because of this, it is worth repeating the well known adage that there are no secrets in bridge.  Your opponents are entitled to know what systems you play.  You should bring a completed Convention Card to all club games.  It is illegal to use a system not described on the Convention Card.  If you use a non conventional bid, it must be PRE-ALERTED.  For example, if you open a hand with less than 10 high card points, you must pre-alert this non conventional opening before the auction begins.  Openings of less than 8 high card points are completely illegal.  Non conventional overcalls, doubles and no trump bids also have to be alerted.  Included in these obligatory alerts are passes that have a meaning other than pass.  For example, if your partner opens a strong 2C, followed by an overcall by his/her LHO, a pass by you may mean, by partnership agreement, that you have a supporting hand.  This MUST be alerted.

A copy of the ACBL Alert Chart is available under then new menu item: Reference Documents.