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Meet our Mascot - Barney


Jim Clark with Barney, who is known for his volunteer work at an elementary school where children love reading him stories.   Jim and Barney can be seen during the day walking at North Park Mall, or just relaxing in the Bridge Center.


Player of the Month for December

Not long ago, two people stopped in at the club and said something very nice to Joan Thorne.  They told her that they are regular mall-walkers and they like to look at windows.  They stated that they wanted us to know how much they appreciate how very nice our windows always look!


Our nice-looking windows are not an accident.  The person who is chiefly responsible for making them gorgeous is Lu Fountain, our December Player of the Month.


Lu serves on the Board of Directors of Fun and Games and has worked very hard to ensure our success.  She is an organizing Nazi and desperately tries to keep our storage area neat and tidy (a losing proposition if ever there was one!). In a prior life, though, she was a florist, and her talent for artfully arranging anything is evident in all our decorations.  Being the humble person she is, she gives credit to her able assistants, Jackie Hertweck and Jo Corbin, but they both say that they just do what she tells them to do.


Thank you, Lu, for making our windows (and the whole club) look so nice.  Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!




Order Your Names Tags
Order Your Names Tags

Contact Sara Fowler to order your Fun and Games Duplicate Bridge name tags for only $12.00. 

Sara's phone number is:  405-590-8394

News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Halloween Party and Celebration of New Rankers

On October 28th at 12 noon, Fun and Games held a Halloween Party and Annual Business Meeting, complete with recognition of New Rankers.  The menu included chili, both beef and chicken, provided by the Board of Directors, and sides and desserts provided by players.  

Costumes were optional, but several players got into the spirit and dressed up.  Several witches were seen, along with a clown and joker, a "dealer", the "queen of the club", a bag lady and a baker (guess who?).  A committee of three chose the "Wicked Witch of the West" (Jackie Hertweck) as the first place winner.  She wore green make-up, complete with warts, long gray hair, the characteristic black dress, and hat.  Second place went the the Clown and Joker (Ramona Bienstock and Cherry Blevins); we were delighted to be "stuck in the middle with you", and third place went to Don Davis as the dealer (ask him about his belt and suspenders!). Look for pictures soon.

After the introduction of Board Members, Jane Hughes presented a Treasurer's Report, which shows that operating income is meeting operating expenses, but very little more.  Tom Corbin gave us an update on the Patron Program.  Our fundraising effort has been successful enough that we are very hopeful that our landlords will no longer require a guarantor on our lease.  Tom also pointed out our Donor Tree, which was designed by Board Member James Stammer.

Susan Williamson, Executive Director, announced that Fun and Games is now the second largest club in District 15, in terms of table count.  For years, the Springfield Club has far out-distanced everyone else, but we are closing the gap rapidly.  Through our three classes for beginners, we've added almost seventy-five new members since we opened fifteen months ago.  We've also honored more than 65 New Rankers just this year.  

Other changes for the upcoming year include the cancellation of the Thursday night 0-1750 game after the November 16th GNT game.  There will be Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate classes offered in that time space.  Saturday mornings will also see classes offered.  The other change that was announced is that, effective January 1, 2018, the price to play will be increased to $10.  This action was reluctantly taken in light of ever-increasing fees and cost of supplies.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place


  Jackie Herweck   Cherry and Ramona   Don Davis


Ahoy Mate Bag Lady Pre-party All Ears  
The OS You Fan Spooky Cake Man Fingers  
Texas Tech Spook Which Witch Is This One Queen of Hearts Queen Picked Up King  of Guyana  
All in Black OHH No -- Two More  Ms OK Spooks  
Hat Ladies










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Meet Your Directors
Meet Your Directors


Susan Williamson


Ron Henke

Jo Henke

Don Davis

Gloria Smith

Joan Thorne

Linda Hughes

Wally Caponecchi


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