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BK Brno
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Friends of Rod 2017

Friday 8 September 1000 Bus Trip to Čejkovice

We will see Templářské sklepy and SunGate which is an English translation of a name of German company dealing with herbs and organic farming at all. We will have lunch in local castle.

Friday 8 September 1700 Team Event

Traditionally this is a match against Uherské Hradiště Bridge Club. It will surely be an Imp competition but the actual organization will depend on number of participants. There will be two sessions and we will have a dinner in between. Finish about 2230.

Saturday 9 September 0930 Duplicate Bridge part 1

First duplicate bridge tournament.

Saturday 9 September 1430 Duplicate Bridge part 2

Second duplicate bridge tournament. We need to start early after lunch not to miss the beginning of village winemaker's celebration Zarážání hory at 1800.

Sunday 10 September 1000 Sunday Trip

We will see Bučovice castle and then change the topic to Austerlitz battle and visit The Cairn of Peace. On the return we will show you a nice panorama of our region and will have a glass of wine before returning to our hotel for dinner.

Monday 11 September 1000 Duplicate Bridge part 3

Third duplicate bridge tournament.

Monday 11 September 1630 Duplicate Bridge part 4

Last duplicate bridge tournament. Followed by farewell dinner followed by THE self entertainment.

Tuesday 12 September 

Those of you leaving from Bratislava will have a bus ready at 1400, so you will manage a lunch in the pension. According to wether and taste we could do a  morning session of bridge or you can come for a glass of wine to our house.


  List of Participants

In no particular order we have the following participants signed up so far. Bridge players are in bold.

Sue Osborne
Wendy Pattinson

Phil Shorey
Rod Pattinson
Lynn Hilton
Marion Dixon

Pete Dixon
Rod Pattinson's sister
her husband
Lindi Lumsden

Margaret Holdsworth
Dick Holdsworth
Maureen Ursell
Chris Ursell
Val Wormleighton
Chris Wormleighton
Theo Schilderman
Trudy Calero
Jim Shoesmith
Allison Crowhurst
Anne Burrage

Richard Burrage
Wendy Crees
Kala Chauhan

Elisabeth Malthouse
Chris Malthouse
Pat Anning
Rob Anning