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Mid Essex Still a Top Club!

Last year we announced the Club as the highest "new entry" in the EBU's list of Top Clubs. This year, based on player sessions from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017, the Club has moved up 4 places to No. 37. Well done to all for making the club such a success.

Ian Moss - Partner Friendly Bridge Mentoring

Those wanting to kick-start radical improvement in their game might like to consider one-to-one play and mentoring with top Essex player Ian Moss. Click on this box for full details. 

Themed Duplicate

NEW FOR 2016. Thursday Afternoons 13:30 to 16:30. These themed duplicate sessions are a follow up to the "Improvers Course" seminars held in 2015

Each week a different subject will be covered. Commentary sheets will be provided after the sessions. The full schedule is:-

  • 21st January – ​Transfers: What to do after partner opens 1NT. All openers will be 1NT and it is a case of what happens next. A real chance to practice Stayman and transfers.
  • 28th January – Doubles: A chance for anyone to practice bidding after the opponents open or respond. A bit of everything goes with a double!
  • 4th February – Leads: Perfect for every player who wants to get confident with good leads and avoid bad ones!
  • 11th February – Declarer play with trumps
  • 18th February – Overcalls: Double, Bid or Pass in Competition? Do you wonder what you do? If so, this is the session for you to practice – with tips and hints to help you develop good bidding habits after the opponents open.
  • 25th FebruaryGetting to GameWhen you find a fit, try a side conversation to help you find out more - and get to game more often!
  • 3rd March - Negative Doubles: a brilliant tool for your competitive bidding kit.
  • 10th March - Declarer Play in No-trumps: Perfect your declaring skills for everyday situations.  
  • 17th March - Supporting Partner: the power of a magic fit wins match-points!

Cost is as for a normal duplicate, with the usual discounts. 

Click on the dates above for the results and hands used.