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Themed Duplicate

NEW FOR 2016. Thursday Afternoons 13:30 to 16:30. These themed duplicate sessions are a follow up to the "Improvers Course" seminars held in 2015

Each week a different subject will be covered. Commentary sheets will be provided after the sessions. The full schedule is:-

  • 21st January – ​Transfers: What to do after partner opens 1NT. All openers will be 1NT and it is a case of what happens next. A real chance to practice Stayman and transfers.
  • 28th January – Doubles: A chance for anyone to practice bidding after the opponents open or respond. A bit of everything goes with a double!
  • 4th February – Leads: Perfect for every player who wants to get confident with good leads and avoid bad ones!
  • 11th February – Declarer play with trumps
  • 18th February – Overcalls: Double, Bid or Pass in Competition? Do you wonder what you do? If so, this is the session for you to practice – with tips and hints to help you develop good bidding habits after the opponents open.
  • 25th FebruaryGetting to GameWhen you find a fit, try a side conversation to help you find out more - and get to game more often!
  • 3rd March - Negative Doubles: a brilliant tool for your competitive bidding kit.
  • 10th March - Declarer Play in No-trumps: Perfect your declaring skills for everyday situations.  
  • 17th March - Supporting Partner: the power of a magic fit wins match-points!

Cost is as for a normal duplicate, with the usual discounts. 

Click on the dates above for the results and hands used.