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Smile of the Day

♣ Amnesia Double: When you make a lead directing double when you are going to be the one on lead.

 Partners are extremely important. Who else to blame when you lose?

 Paul Soloway  If 3NT is a viable option, then bid it.

♠ Oswold Jacoby  I favor light opening bids. When you're my age, you can never be sure that the bidding will get back around to you again. Oswald Jacoby at 77. 

♣ Alan Sontag  It is not the handling of difficult hands that makes the winning player. There aren't enough of them. It is the ability to avoid messing up the easy ones.

 A "weak response" is a pass after a forcing bid.

  My partner and I had a misunderstanding ... he thought I knew what I was doing!

♠ A piece of bread is covered with jelly on one side. The probability of it falling jelly side up varies inversely with the price of the rug.  The probability of making a difficult contract varies inversely with the number of tricks you must take.

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