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Welcome to Farnham Bridge Club.  We play at the Maltings on most Wednesdays and Fridays.

Convention Cards
Convention Cards

The club does not require players to have convention cards in most circumstances.  However if you are a strong player playing with a regular partner, the committee think it would be a courtesy for you to have a card for the benefit of your opponents.

Members should also note the practical benefits of having a completed convention card.  If you have a bidding misunderstanding the director is required to assume that partner has given the wrong explanation (rather than that you have made the wrong bid), unless there is firm evidence to the contrary;  thus,without a card you will likely to be ruled against.

The club requires players to have a convention card if any of the following apply:

  1. You play any basic system that is not straightforward.  Acol, Benji, Multi, 3 weak 2's are fine - but anything else, e.g. Precision, 2/1, Lucas 2's or a 3-way 1C opening, requires a convention card.
  2. You play any subsequent conventions that are not common.  Astro, Michaels, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Jacoby etc. are all fine.
  3. Your leads or signals are at all unusual, e.g. strong 10s, or if you lead differently in partner's suit, or Smith Peters.  There is no restriction on your discard system.