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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Competition 2016 - 2017 Results


Farnham Bridge

2016 – 2017

Competition Winners

Sylvia Rose Plate

Judy Cody, Margaret and Paul Kirton and John Clayton

President's Salver
Jack Goody, Varda Derwig,
Graham Davison with Bob Evans


 Gabriel Hearst

Delft Cup

Winner Graham Davison with Bob Evans

Richard Currie Swiss Pairs
2017 Winners with Douglas and Erica Currie

Charles Chisnall and David Owen

Phil Garner Trophy

Graham Davison & James Bond
with Bob Evans

Sylvia Rose Cup

Mike Kinsey, Dave Hinkin
Owen Leigh, Robert Buxton, Mark Davies and Mark Fithyan


John Spiers & Elizabeth Coperman
with Bob Evans

Sidney Chishick Bowl

Tony Richards, John Manches, Tim Warren,
Alan Cadge(not pictured),
Derek Hedley Smith & Mac Derwig

Last updated : 5th Aug 2017 18:24 BST
Law of Total tricks

In a recent issue of the EBU bridge magazine, Andrew Robson wrote an article on the "Law of Total Tricks".   It is not so much a law, as an interesting alternative method of hand evaluation compared to high card points.  Gordon Wren, a long-standing and valued member of our club, was intrigued and undertook an in-depth analysis of hands played at our club over several months.  With our encouragement, he sent it to Andrew Robson's team, who were extremely impressed, and also sent it to the EBU.  To quote Laura Hobhouse of the EBU -  " (Gordon) That is an amazing analysis - you will be called upon when a reader wonders about a probability!"

The "Law" was developed by Jean Rene Vernes of France in the 1950's, and in summary states

The total number of tricks available on a deal is equal to the total number of trump cards both sides hold in their respective best suits, where the total number of tricks is defined as the sum of the number of tricks available to each side if they could choose trumps.

This method works on the assumption that for shapely hands, the combined length of the trump suit is more significant than points or HCP in deciding on the level of the final contract. It is of most value in competitive bidding situations where the HCP are divided roughly equally between the partnerships.

LoTT is said to be most accurate when the HCP are fairly evenly divided between the two sides and the bidding is competitive. Experts apply adjustment factors to improve accuracy.  This topic is also covered by Larry Cohen in 'To Bid or Not to Bid' and 'Following the LAW'.

Click here for Gordon's analysis and article, a great way to stimulate your little grey cells in January.

Last updated : 22nd Mar 2018 16:14 GMT

In  June of this year, representatives of the Bourne Bridge Club, Farnham Bridge Club and 3Counties Bridge met to discuss how the bridge communities in Farnham could co-operate more.   Following this, we canvassed several bridge groups in our area.  We were amazed and encouraged to find that there were 14+ active bridge groups in our area, with a combined membership of over 600, and a diverse range of bridge playing and learning opportunities.  There was also strong support for greater communication and co-operation.

Specifically, we agreed three “All Farnham Bridge” priorities, which this newsletter covers in more detail.  Click here for Farnham.Newsletter 1.pdf

  1. Communications and publicity.
  2. Youth Bridge.
  3. Charity and education events.

Last updated : 1st Jan 2018 13:21 GMT

Farnham Bridge Club is supporting our local Weydon School "after-school" bridge club.  Following on from initial excellent teaching by Douglas Wright, supported by Anna Holmes of the Bourne Club, Mike O'Donnell of our club has been coaching the pupils in full bridge, and our club has provided support including  tables, cards, books, bidding boxes and other needed supplies.

Weydon School sent 13 pupils to participate in the Surrey County Schools Bridge Championships on 3rd February, a wonderful turn-out.   The event was organised by Tim Warren, Surrey Youth Officer and member of our club.

Weydon school performed with great credit , as the only state comprehensive school participating (they have  no 6th form). They took on several top Surrey Public Schools, including St Paul's School for Boys, Kings College and Latymer & Godolphin.   St Paul's won the Surrey Cup for experienced bridge players, Weydon won the Surrey Salver for players relatively new to bridge, and a young Weydon boy teamed up with a girl from Latymer to win the Surrey mini-bridge championship.

There is more information, and excellent photos, on the Surrey website www.bridgewebs.com/surrey

Last updated : 5th Aug 2017 18:27 BST
National Inter Club Knock Out (NICKO) (Copy)

The NICKO, as it is affectionately named, is probably the most popular of all EBU tournaments with around 300 teams entering annually. The NICKO is open to all affiliated EBU bridge clubs. The early rounds are of 24 boards, increasing to 32 boards for the quarter-finals and semi-finals and 48 boards for the final, with the draw regionalised to reduce travelling.  

The Plate competition will be open to all unseeded teams defeated in their first match of the main event, either in round 1, or in round 2 following a bye.

Teams with members from our club have done exceptionally well in the past. If you wish to enter, Farnham Bridge club will pay 50% of the £77 entry fee, provided all teams members are club members.  Entries close on 25th September, so contact Mike O'Donnell (Mike@lizandmike.co.uk) before then , if you wish to enter a team.

Last updated : 1st Jan 2018 13:15 GMT
New EBU Laws (Copy)

Our directors have decided to implement the new EBU laws on Friday 1st September. 

These new laws can be found here on the EBU website.

Last updated : 1st Jan 2018 12:58 GMT

Farnham Bridge club received a request from Pax Hill Residential home in Bentley, to help establish a bridge / cards playing group for one afternoon a week.    Jenny Garner and Mike O'Donnell were deighted to respond, and asssisted the Pax Hill activities manager, and a small group of residents (average age over ninety) to learn minibridge, with five short sessions over a few weeks.   They now have a self-sufficient minibridge / cards afternoon club, and have thanked us for our help.

As a club, we are always pleased to help in the wider Farnham area.

Jenny, Jane and Vera

Last updated : 9th Jan 2018 22:11 GMT
Gordon Wrenn - Presents Statistics on Card Distribution

Take the time to read two interesting articles by Gordon. They cover the topics - "Do you get more than your fair share of weak hands?" and "13 Weeks of E-W Bias" (details taken from club stats!). 

Why not put the kettle on and download Gordon Wrenn on Weak Hands.pdf?

Last updated : 1st Jan 2018 13:44 GMT