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Welcome to Farnham Bridge Club.  We play at the Maltings on most Wednesdays and Fridays.

News & Information

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".


The various bridge groups in the Farnham area combined to run an "All Farnham" Festival of Bridge in the Maltings Great Hall on the afternoon of Friday 24th August. There were over 160 participants,making this the biggest bridge event to be held in Farnham for decades. Particants ages ranged from 8 years old to 99 and there were different sections of bridge to suit all abilities, from beginner to grand master. All feedback to date has been that it was a uniquely enjoyable and friendly event, really demonstrating that the great game of bridge is alive and well in Farnham and has appeal for all ages and abilities.

Participant Jeremy Dhondy, Chairman of the English Bridge Union, presented the bridge trophies. Graham Davison and Joe Dinnen won the "Open Duplicate" , Beverley and Graham Sylvester-Evans won the "No Fear Duplcate", with Lene Rasmussen and Maureen Butler winning the Chicago section. All partipants were also given a free invitation to participating bridge clubs and a free invitation to a lesson given by 3 Counties Bridge.

There was also special award presented by the Mayor of Farnham and the chair of the English Bridge Union to Mrs Annabel Sommerfelt of Weydon School for "Exceptional contribution to the development of youth bridge in Farnham". Annabel, with Douglas Wright, launched the Weydon after-school bridge club several years ago. Since then, week-in week-out Annabel has led and encouraged the group, coached with the help of local bridge playing volunteers, and handled the essential admin that goes with such a task, all this in addition to her own heavy teaching workload. The Weydon school bridge group has been described as a "beacon of light", having won multiple Surrey Schools bridge trophies and also been invited in 2016 to visit and compete against the House of Lords.

Special thanks are due to the Farnham Institute for their grant, and for grants from two sponsors Arena Travel and Bridgeclublive. These grants funded all the trophies and enabled under 21s and participants in the beginner/taster session to participate free. The overall event, targetted to break even, made a modest profit of just over £100 that is being donated to Alzeimers UK. Hopefully, the Festival will become part of the Farnham bridge calendar. There are also plans to hold a "Farnham Cafe Bridge" event on Monday May 13th next year.

Last updated : 27th Aug 2018 10:57 BST
Richard Currie Swiss Pairs - Sunday July 29th

The blue-pointed  Richard  Currie Swiss Pairs was held on Sunday, 29 July 2018 at the Maltings  in Farnham. This Charity event was well attended and 36 pairs competed fiercely. Frances Treble managed the  entries superbly,  and, alas, our traditional  standing -by pair were not needed,  as one  entry  arrived on the  Sunday morning itself. Half the  number of  players  were guests, some of them regulars, a fact  that is highly appreciated.

The usual suspects , David Owen and  Charles Chisnall did win again, for the third  time ! The photograph of  the  handing -over  of the Trophy looks  the  same  as last year but is brand new. Erica and Douglas, Richard’s  parents joined  us  at the  end of play.

The  Director, Mick Green, well briefed  by our  new  Secretary Joyce Baldock during  the  preceding  weeks,  was  very professional,  pleasant and  patient.  Many mistakes were made using the Bridgemates but Mick  just  corrected these with a big  smile. Jenny and Mary had to work hard to coax our tempremental dealing machine to produce over 200 hands.

The  atmosphere in the air-condioned Tindle  Studio was very positive  and  the refreshments,  ably supervised by Brigitte Ebert excellent.  Our President, Graham Davison,  sold  325  raffle tickets and 12 prizes were won by the  generous participants.

One  serious  note, directed at the members of  Farnham Bridge  Club:  an event like  the  RCSP leaves  a lot to be cleared  away at the end of a  long  day. Brigitte was busy till well after 21.00 h.,  as hardly anyone lent a helping hand. This  should not be the  case!

Mac  Derwig

Last updated : 29th Sep 2018 18:13 BST
Competition 2017 - 2018 Results


Farnham Bridge

2017 – 2018

Competition Winners

Phil Garner Trophy

Gabriel Hearst & Graham Davison

Sylvia Rose Cup

Marie Thomson, (Nick Browne,
Judi Coady, Mike Smyth not pictured) 
with Graham Davison

Haver Trophy

Winner Graham Rose
(not pictured),
cup received by Sara Rose
with Graham Davison

Richard Currie
Swiss Pairs

2018 Winners with Douglas
and Erica Currie

Charles Chisnall and David Owen

Delft Cup

Winner James Bond with
Graham Davison

Sylvia Rose Plate

Mike O'Donnell, John Bryant,
Erica Currie,
(Ann Haring-Pedrocchi,
Liz Petts,
David Stallan not pictured) 
with Graham Davison



Nick Browne (not pictured) Ian Lewis 
with Graham Davison

Sidney Chishick Bowl &
Presidents Salver


Mike Kinsey, Robert Buxton,
Mark Davies,Mike Fithyan,
(Owen Leigh & Dave Hinkin
not pictured)


Last updated : 27th Aug 2018 10:35 BST
Are our computer dealt hands truly random?

A number of  members have queried over the years "are our  computer-dealt hands really random?", as we have had instances of strange and unusual individual or sequences of hands. I recently  decided to investigate further.  

The Duplimate machine we have (see uses "Big Deal" random deal generator software.  This was developed by a group from the University of Maastrict in response to widely held concerns about previous, reputedly random, bridge software dealers.  Read the article, if you want to know more; it may both interest and re-assure you.  This software is now widely used, including for the Bermuda Bowl & almost all other major competitions across the bridge world. So... my conclusion is "yes, our computer dealt hands are genuinely random",  that unusual hands and other events  do occur as a natural consequence. (Mike O'Donnell)

Last updated : 3rd Jul 2018 17:02 BST
Gordon Wrenn - Presents Statistics on Card Distribution and Law of Total Tricks

Take the time to read two interesting articles by Gordon. They cover the topics - "Do you get more than your fair share of weak hands?" and "13 Weeks of E-W Bias" (details taken from club stats!). 

Why not put the kettle on and download Gordon Wrenn on Weak Hands.pdf or Click here for Gordon's analysis and article, a great way to stimulate your little grey cells. This topic is also covered by Larry Cohen in 'To Bid or Not to Bid' and 'Following the LAW'.

Last updated : 27th Aug 2018 10:24 BST