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Playing cards withdrawn from Play

If anyone knows of a good home for our retired cards, that have seen good service, please let Carolyn Beattie know or notify any committee member.

News from the Committee

Since the AGM we have had a further committee meeting where the new members had an opportunity to get their first involvement with the duties of a committee member.  A copy of the minutes are available on the notice board for all to read should you wish to do so.

East Devon League Next Season

Gerry Edmonds would like any volunteers for next season to represent the club.  Please see his notice on the notice board and in the news page.

Drawing for Partner and / or Playing with a Partner of Your Choice

See the Calendar for  future arrangements on a Thursday in 2018.

Every week has the option of drawing for a Partner. Every other week, if you wish, you can Play with a Partner of your choice.

No-one coming on their own will be without a Partner.

Winter Pairs Competion 2017/18

The winners of the Winter Pairs Competition were Carolyn Beattie and Ian Stickland, they also won the Handicap competition.  Well done to them.  Prizes will be presented at the Dinner, hopefully by the Club President.







Welcome to Exeter Golf & Country Club Bridge
Web Site

The Exeter Golf and Country Club Bridge Section has approximately 95 members.  

Visitors are welcome and can make 3 visits in 12 months.

It is not affiliated to the EBU. 

The Club  meets for Duplicate Bridge in the Bridge room on the first floor of the Wear Park Building at the following times:

Monday evenings at 7pm to 10.30pm

Tuesday evenings at 7pm to 10.30pm

Wednesday afternoons at 2pm to 5.15pm

Thursday evenings at 7pm to 10.30pm

Please arrive 10 minutes before the Session is due to start.

For full details see the Information page.

The Bridge Room is comfortable with a view of the Golf course.  There is no disabled access to the Bridge room which is on the first floor

Tea and Coffee are available in the break.

Important Information

Please use the "Find a Partner" Section of the Site.

There are instructions of how to use it in the Information Menu.

It will only work if you enter your available dates on a regular basis and regularly review the Site when you are looking for a Partner.

You must update the site when you are successful and find a Partner!

There is a special procedure for entering the Member Section of the Site for the first time.

This can be also be found in the information section.

Web Site

If you need help accessing the new site contact Chris Goulden or John Treasure.  Help is also available on the site.

Anyone who wants to put a notice or pass information on through the web site please let John Treasure know and he will sort it out for you.


Data Compliance

Any queries about Data Compliance should be addressed to the Bridge Club Secretary or alternatively to the Exeter Golf and Country Club Compliance Officer

Bridge Dinner Photographs

Please see the News section for the Bridge Dinner Photographs

Membership List Large type

I know some of you have difficulty reading the phone numbers off the current Membership List.

If you would like a Membership List in larger type please contact Gerry Edmonds.

23rd July 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Bridge & Pinhoe Room 7pm
Director: David Tucker
Scorer: Val Humphreys
24th July 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Bridge & Pinhoe Room 7pm
Director: David Tucker
Scorer: Cheryl Coard
25th July 2018
Duplicate draw for Partners
Bridge and Pinhoe Room 2pm
Director: Chris Goulden
Scorer: Anne Tait
Draw for Partners Only
Director: Peter Setter
Scorer: Chris Goulden
Duplicate draw for Partners
Director: Peter Setter
Scorer: Hugh Plummer
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Margaret Fuest
Scorer: Gerry Edmonds