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Summer Swiss and Pairs League

Don't forget to book in for our 2nd Summer Swiss Pairs on Friday 1st June

There is also our Pairs League on Wednesday 6th June. 

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Summer Swiss and Pairs League
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Tuition & Learning
  No fear Bridge online

No fear bridge provides a variety of online activities that aims to make learning bridge fun and easy.

It has beginner, intermediate and advanced sections. Players can opt for different systems including weak twos , strong no trump and 5-card majors.

As qualified teachers Maureen and Jean have full access and a discount code for their students. They can now include bridge club members.

 Anyone can have two weeks free access just by going onto the website. If you then decide you want to subscribe please ask Maureen for the discount code.

Last updated : 22nd Mar 2018 08:53 GMT
  EBED Simultaneous Pairs
EBED Simultaneous Pairs
Last updated : 24th Mar 2018 21:37 GMT
  Tuition 2017/2018

Exeter Bridge Club is pleased to announce that Jean Harrison and Maureen Dalton will be holding lessons with us again.
Lessons are held at the club's new location at the Gipsey Hill Hotel, Exeter.


Courses consist of two ten week terms, cost £80 per term. No need to book.

Beginners 2nd term starts 11th January - 15th March

Improvers 2nd term starts 9th January - 13th March

For further information please contact Jean Harrison on 01392 432476 or Maureen Dalton at 01392 221163
You can also apply using the form below which will generate emails to Jean & Maureen

Last updated : 23rd Feb 2018 14:51 GMT
  Course Details


Term one

1 Introduction to mini bridge

2 Mini bridge – trump contracts

3 Mini bridge – leads in defense

4 Opening 1NT (no trump)

5 Responding to 1NT

6 Bidding unbalanced hands

7 Responder

8 Strong responder

9 NT rebids

10 Consolidation

Term two

11 Playing trump contracts

12 Competitive bids 1 - overcalls

13 Competitive bids 2 - take out doubles

14 Competitive bids 3 - 1NT overcall

15 Defense

16 Opening weak two’s

17 Bidding strong hands

18 Stayman

19 Slam bidding

20 Consolidation


Term one

Revision – weeks 1-3

1. NT balanced hands + stayman

2. Unbalanced hands

3. Competitive bidding

4. Red suit transfers (RST)

5. Advanced RST

6. Counting and hand shape

7. Benji Acol 1 - weak two’s and responses

8. Benji Acol 2 – strong hands

9. Finessing

10. McKenny discards

Term two

11. Losing trick count

12. Plan the play trump contracts

13. Negative doubles

14. Plan the play in NT

15. Reversing – strong two suited hands

16. Defense v NT

17. Michael’s cue bids + Unusual NT

18. Fourth suit forcing

19. Defense v suit contract

20. Consolidation

Last updated : 23rd Feb 2018 14:39 GMT