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Tuition & Learning
  Seminar on Duplicate Bridge Scoring Strategy

Friday the 8th of February 2019, 10.30 - 12.30 with Barry Smale

Different Games – Different Scoring - Different Strategies

How is a teams match scored
How is a pairs session scored
What difference does the different scoring method make
Which denomination should we be in
Should we bid the close game
When to sacrifice
How does the scoring affect the card play
What about the defence
Low level competition and balancing.

Session lasts approx 2 hours, scheduled finish 12:30 (just in time for lunch)

Members £5 - Non members £6. Interval tea and coffee included.

For further information, please contact Barry Smale at 01392 758243 or by email

Please submit your entry on the form below. Entries open to non-members after 26th January.


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  Tuition 2018/2019

We have now started our second term of classes for beginners and improvers at Gipsy Hill Hotel.

If you would like to join these classes or to start bridge as an absolute beginner,

please contact our chairman, Clare Hamon, by email or by telephone 01392 758243.

Improvers are welcome to attend individual sessions at £10, but must book in advance, either by contacting Clare or using the form below.

BACS payment information - Sort code 30-93-14 a/c no. 02152900 a/c name Exeter Bridge Club, ref: PAYG + your name.


You are also welcome to attend our sessions for less experienced players.

Thursday evening - suitable for beginners and improvers: Supervised Duplicate Pairs, when helpers are available to advise while you bid and play each board,
after which everyone at the table looks at all four hands and discusses them.
Wednesday evening - suitable for improvers: Gently Paced Duplicate, when around 15 boards are played over 2 ½ hours without tuition.

Each session costs £2.50 and no partner is required.


Rosemary Ormerod will be running a course for absolute beginners at the Budleigh Salterton Croquet Club (in Westfield Close) on Tuesdays 2 to 4, starting 5th February.  The cost is £80 for 10 weeks.

For more information, please check out


Improver's programme 2018-19


Term one

October 2nd- December 4th 2018

Weeks 1-3 are revision


1. NT balanced hands + Stayman

2. Unbalanced hands

3. Competitive bidding

4. Red suit transfers (RST)

5. Counting and hand shape

6. 3 weak two’s and responses

7. Opening very strong hands

8. Losing trick count

9. Finessing

10. McKenny discards

Term two

January 8th-March 12th 2019



11. Benji strong hands: 2C and 2D

12. Plan the play - trump contracts

13. Negative doubles

14. Plan the play in NT

15. Reversing – strong two suited hands

16. Defence v NT

17. Michael’s cue bids + Unusual NT

18. Fourth suit forcing

19. Defence v suit contracts

20. Consolidation





Last updated : 13th Jan 2019 09:30 GMT
  Beginners Programme

Term 1

Term 2

  1. Introduction to mini bridge

  2. Mini bridge – trump contracts

  3. Mini bridge – leads in defence

  4. Introducing bidding – opening one no trump (1NT)

  5. Responses to 1nt

  6. Opening bids in a suit -responding with a fit

  7. Responding to a suit bid without a suit fit including responding 1NT

  8. The auction continues -stronger hands

  9. Planning the play

  10. Opener rebids no trumps

11. Red suit transfers

12 Sources of tricks

13. Competitive bidding 1 - suit overcalls

14. Competitive bidding 2 – takeout doubles

15. Defence play

16. Pre-emptive hands - Weak two’s in 3 suits; weak 3 s

17. Responding to partner’s weak 2 bid

18. Finessing

19. Opening very strong hands – 2 clubs

20. Bidding slam hands - Blackwood

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