Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Evesham Bridge Club

Table money remains at £2 for club members

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FREE! Learn to Play Bridge ACOL edition

This interactive program covers the mechanics of the game, card-play & Acol bidding. It is aimed at Beginners learning the basics of the game. (download from EBU website)

Competition Winners
Steve Sawyer Trophy 2017 Steve Sawyer Trophy  2017

Veronica Enticknap, Ronnie Moore, Wendy Marchant and Lillie Taylor

Tuesday Trophy 2017 Tuesday Trophy 2017

Brenda Gallagher

Hobbs Handicap Trophy 2017 Hobbs Handicap Trophy 2017

Betty and Ken Southwell

Ilda Childs 2017 Ilda Childs 2017

Veronica Enticknap and Ronnie Moore

Rhodes Lawrence Trophy 2017 Rhodes Lawrence Trophy 2017

Veronica Enticknap & Ronnie Moore