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Important Notices
  1. If you think there's a problem with the website, please contact the ECBA Webmaster and NOT Bridgewebs, using the menu-item below.
  2. If you do well in a tournament and think your success deserves a mention, please let the webmaster know promptly. 
  3. www.essexbridge.co.uk, or
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Webmaster's Reminder List

Check-list for what needs to be done following an Essex Competition:-

  1. Remove any advertising
  2. Announce the results on the Home Page
  3. Do a bodge if any multi-session consolidation hasn’t worked and link the results in the Calendar to the bodge
  4. Update the Competition's individual page to show the latest winners, and link to the results
  5. Move the previous winners to the Competition's individual archive (or add the latest winners to the archive, my current preference), and link to the results.
  6. Update the Full Competitions List to link to the latest results.
  7. If teams with electronic scoring: run the Butlers, upload the pages & provide the links from the results in the Calendar and various other relevant pages.
  8. If an Eve Goblets event, import into the EG database, make any necessary manual loads, overrides or corrections, run the calculations & upload the pages.
  9. If the winners belong to any of the clubs whose websites I maintain, put congratulations & links on those sites as well, and remove any adverts.