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Entries Received


If you click on THE HEADING ABOVE you will be taken to Microsoft OneDrive, which will allow you to make a further click to open in Excel Online a read-only copy of the control spreadsheet for entries to 2018-19 ECBA competitions. The two previous year's spreadsheets are available from the links at the bottom of this box. 

This workbook should be open at the master sheet (the 2017-18 tab), but in case not, click on this tab at the bottom of the screen.

The master sheet lists all the competitions on the LHS. Find the one you're interested in and click on its name. This will take you directly to the appropriate slave sheet in which the entries are to be found.

To get back to the master sheet, click on its tab again.



  • Responsibility for this spreadsheet has been transferred to the ECBA Treasurer - so any questions should be addressed to her.
  • Please check your entries carefully.
  • The intention is to update the spreadsheet with entries at least daily, but if the ECBA Treasurer is unavailable, it'll have to wait. 
  • Also, bank statements are downloaded and reconciled to the spreadsheet weekly, so payment items are only moved from "due" to "received" on a weekly basis. So, if you've paid, but it still says "due", don't panic. But if weeks pass, you might let the ECBA Treasurer know. 
  • This spreadsheet now also lists players / partnerships needing partners / team-mates.
  • The entry spreadsheet for 2015-16 can be found by clicking this link
  • The entry spreadsheet for 2016-17 can be found by clicking this link
  • The entry spreadsheet for 2017-18 can be found by clicking this link.