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Play w.a. Expert - last played 2017
Play with an Expert


Date: Saturday 4th February 2017;  Venue: Barleylands;  Start time: 14:00 ( - 18:20)

Holders: Clive Smith & John Sutcliffe

NOTE: This competition is discontinued / in abeyance

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This is a very special event where established Essex players will pair up with less experienced players in our county for some light-hearted tournament bridge. 

The format will be a normal session of 24/26 boards with a refreshment break in the middle and hand records with discussion after play. Novice and county level players interested in taking part in this event should contact the Tournament Secretary or the Education Officer. Closer to the day players will be told who their partner will be, to help them form their partnership for the day. 

Tea/Coffee/Biscuits provided throughout

Play with an Expert - History

Click on the Year to see more detailed results (where available)

2017 1st Clive Smith & John Sutcliffe
2nd Penny Hanson & Linda Fleet
3rd Pam Pamphilon & Audrey Hartley
2016 1st Stephen Monk & Jon Ward
2nd Amarjeet Singh & Keith Thompson
3rd Alan Brown & Audrey Hartley
2015 1st Linda Jenkins & Michael Watson
2nd Brian Moreton & Linda Barker
3rd Claire Cooney & Alison Spencer
2014 1st Tom Ruttley & Alison Spencer
2nd Neil Grandy & Nick Hunt
3rd David Gilbert & Coral Fallon
2013 1st Janet Starkey & Mike Harbour
2nd Tanya Genthe & Nicole Cook
3rd Marcia Levan-Harris & Graham Foster
2012 1st Bobbie Hall & Phil Mattacks
2nd Maureen Killey & Mary Homer
3rd Janet Starkey & Gad Chadha