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Bridge Education
Bridge Learning And Development Opportunities


There are many Bridge learning and development opportunities in Essex, in particular:

  • Formal teaching.  A number of Bridge Schools and Bridge Teachers run courses at beginner, intermediate and more advanced levels.  A Bridge school runs courses, etc, at a specific location while a Bridge teacher runs courses at several locations, from home, etc. Essentially they are seeking to do the same thing - to help you to learn and improve your Bridge;
  • Supervised play.  Some clubs, schools and teachers offer this to help you put what you have learnt into practice;
  • Beginner-friendly clubs.  Some clubs encourage newcomers and provide a route (for those who want it) into more competitive Bridge;
  • Special events for newer players.  These include
  1. events based on the EBU "really easy" format. This link will take you to the general EBU information. However, note that heats are often held at First Class Bridge Academy, in Essex, so it may also be worth looking at their website (see Bridge schools).
  2. a "friendly fours" teams league.  This is aimed at players new to teams league competitions and, most likely, relatively new to County competitions as well.  Matches will be monthly (Oct - Feb) or less and will be played at home or club venues. Contact the Education Officer for details.
  • Other opportunities such as one-off seminars, Bridge holidays with a "learning" content, etc.

Details of Bridge schools and Bridge teachers can be found by clicking on the links above or by clicking "Clubs in Essex" and scrolling down.  Also, the "Clubs in Essex" list provides comprehensive information about EBU-affiliated clubs (usually stronger, but often "newcomer-friendly" too) and unaffiliated clubs (usually more "newcomer-friendly").

In any event the Education Officer can be contacted (see below) and will be pleased to help and advise on courses available, clubs, events, etc.  The services that teachers and clubs provide are, of course, a matter for them and ECBA do not have any direct responsibility. But every effort is made to ensure that what is on offer is appropriate, in accordance with best practice, and that any information provided is accurate and up-to-date.


Keith Thompson, ECBA Education Officer, tel: 020 8989 3323, e-mail: keiththompson3@btinternet.com