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Gwen Herga
Gwen Herga Trophies

Ladies’ Pairs & Men’s Pairs 

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Date: Saturday 20th January 2018.  Venue: Barleylands.   Start time: 14:00 ( - 17:30)

Ladies holders: Pat Johnson & Fran Alexander.                Men’s holders: Graham Foster & Ashley Nicklin .

Tea/Coffee/Biscuits provided throughout

This is a single session event playing approx 24 boards. If there are sufficient entries there will be two separate sections for Ladies’ Pairs and Men’s Pairs. Otherwise the sections will be combined.

Gwen Herga - History

Click on the Year or the Ladies / Men labels for the detailed results (where held)

2017 Ladies Winners P Johnson & F Alexander
Runners-up A Savory & P Watkinson
Men Winners G Foster & A Nicklin
Runners-up J Lapszys & M Watson
2016 Ladies Winners J Hair & T Genthe
Runners-up J Brown & A Fenton
Men Winners A Cundy & C Megahey
Runners-up S Moorman & R Elliott
2015 Ladies Winners M Levan-Harris & C Fallon
Runners-up L Fleet & M Homer
Men Winners M Krimgoltz & C Leighton
Runners-up P Oake & R Elliott
2014 Ladies Winners J Brown & A Fenton
Runners-up S Smith & V Mollison
Men Winners G Wootton & T Verran
Runners-up C Megahey & A Cundy
2013 Ladies Winners W Coldham & P Watson
Runners-up W Godber & S Taylor
Men Joint Winners C Megahey & A Cundy*
J Williams & T Cockle
F Morrison & I Moss
  *won the trophy by the split tie procedure
2012 Ladies Winners C McCue & L Barker
Runners-up L Fleet & M Homer
Men Winners C Taylor & A Kitchen
Runners-up R Register & A Cohen
2011 Ladies Winners C Lovett & M Vede
Runners-up A Clark & H McVeigh
Men Winners M Wren & C Chorley
Runners-up J. Peacock & J. Vede
2010 Ladies Winners M Curtis & J Tattersfield
Runners-up J Hair & Y Dias
Men Winners S Riach & R Elliot
Runners-up M Wren & C Chorley
2009 Ladies Winners V Mollison & J Moorman
Runners-up C Lovett & M Vede
Men Winners J Birch & R Hudson
Runners-up S Cade-Bowyer & C Taylor
2008 Ladies Winners W Coldham & P Watson
Runners-up M Homer & L Fleet
Men Winners P Oake & G Chadha
Runners-up T Connett & S Ensor
2007 Ladies Winners J Hair & Y Dias
Runners-up M Curtis & J Tattersfield
Men Winners J Sutcliffe & C Megahey
Runners-up J Phillips & C Warwick
2006 Ladies Winners W Coldham & P Watson
Runners-up J Hair & Y Dias
Men Winners S Cade-Bowyer & D Cooper
Runners-up C Megahey & A Cundy
2005 Ladies Winners T Beer & J Curley
Runners-up A Savory & M Lamont
Men Winners B Harrison & D Duffy
Runners-up M Smith & R Tattersfield