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Tollemache Qualifiers
Tollemache Cup Qualifying Round 2018


The Tollemache Qualifier 2018/19 takes place at Staverton Estate Hotel, Daventry NN11 62T on 17/18 November. 


Details of the Essex Team tbc



Tollemache Cup Qualifying Round 2017

The Tollemache Qualifier took place on 18th - 19th November 2017 at St John's Hotel, Solihull. The selected pairs were:

  • Marc Chawner and Paul Spencer
  • Robert Elliott and Richard Register
  • Peter Franklin and Frank Morrison
  • Simon Moorman and Chris Taylor
  • Bernie Hunt and Paul Mollison
  • Martin Smith and Sandy Riach (Reserves)

The - through illness - reduced Essex team (Bernie Hunt, Paul Mollison; Chris Taylor, Simon Moorman; Richard Register, Robert Elliott; Frank Morrison, Peter Franklin) won three of their eight matches but did not progress to the finals.

The Essex team for the qualifying round of EBU Inter-county championship:-

  • Margaret Curtis, David Sherman;
  • Peter Oake, Robert Elliott;
  • John Sutcliffe, Richard Register;
  • Frank Morrison, Peter Franklin;
  • Simon Moorman, Steve Cade-Bowyer 

performed creditably in Birmingham over the weekend of 19th-20th November, but did not progress to the finals. They came 6th / 9 in Group B, an improvement on recent years in what is a very tough competition. 

Tollemache Cup Qualifying Round 2015

The 2015 Tollemache Qualifier was held over the weekend of 21st/22nd November. The team selected was:-

Chris Taylor © & Simon Moorman, Peter Oake & Robert Elliott, Margaret Curtis & David Sherman, Richard Register & John Sutcliffe, Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison.

Not a great success finishing 8 / 9 but, looking on the bright side, the team did win three out of eight matches and Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison deserve a special mention for their +0.44 X-IMPs result.

Tollemache Cup - Qualifiers History

For a brief history of the Tollemache from the EBU Website, follow this Link.  For details of the Essex results, follow the links in the right-hand column in the table below, looking at the Group indicated.

Year Team Group Result Link
2017 Robert Elliott ©, Richard Register; Peter Franklin and Frank Morrison; Simon Moorman and Chris Taylor; Bernie Hunt and Paul Mollison A 8 / 9 Link
2016 Robert Elliott ©, Peter Oake; Margaret Curtis, David Sherman; John Sutcliffe, Richard Register; Frank Morrison, Peter Franklin; Simon Moorman, Steve Cade-Bowyer B 6 / 9 Link
2015 Chris Taylor © & Simon Moorman, Peter Oake & Robert Elliott, Margaret Curtis & David Sherman, Richard Register & John Sutcliffe, Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison D 8 / 9 Link
2014 Ian Moss © & Mike Graham, Margaret Curtis & David Sherman, Ted Cockle & Martin Smith, Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison, Alan Green & Ian Green;
Reserves: Simon Moorman & Peter Oake.
A 8 / 9 Link
2013 Peter Oake ©, Robert Elliott, Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Ted Cockle, Martin Smith, Alan Green, Frank Morrison, Jacek Lapszyz & Sandy Riach B 3 / 7 Link
2012 Peter Oake © & Simon Moorman, Margaret Curtis & David Sherman, Sue Taylor & Chris Taylor, Graham Foster & Richard Register, Mike Graham & Ian Moss C 8 / 9 Link
2011 Peter Oake, Simon Moorman, Dave Duffy, Bernie Harrison, Ian Moss, Mike Graham, Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Chris Taylor, Sue Taylor B 7 / 9 Link
2010 Did not participate.     Link