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  1. If you think there's a problem with the website, please contact the ECBA Webmaster and NOT Bridgewebs, using the menu-item below.
  2. If you do well in a tournament and think your success deserves a mention, please let the webmaster know promptly. 
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Master Points
ECBA Master Point Lists & Ranking Promotions

Follow the links below showing Master Point Promotions for ECBA members:-

These lists are updated monthly (on the first of the month, if I remember). 

Follow the links below showing Master Points Lists for ECBA members. These lists are updated annually (usually in February) so are mostly somewhat out of date.


  1. Individuals belonging to more than one club appear against all the clubs of which they are deemed members by the EBU in the "Club" reports but only against their Primary Club in the "Date" / "All ECBA" reports. 
  2. The Club-level reports show members, not visitors. Also, they depend on clubs having made their membership lists available to the EBU, from whence the club links are sourced, and to have kept them up-to-date. The All Master Point - Alphabetic list can be used as a cross-check. 
  3. Promotions can of course be found by accessing the EBU website here, and the Master Points Lists by accessing the EBU website here. It is hoped that the reports on the ECBA website will make these promotions easier to find for Clubs and the Master Point ranking orders more transparent. 
  4. Some promotions may be announced a month early in these lists on account of different run-dates. 
  5. Some individuals who have transferred allegiance to Essex will be announced as "promoted" - treat these as welcome announcements!