Competition Programme

September 2015 - May 2016


Teams events            Essex Teams of Four Championship + Plate (KO)

                                 Essex Switch Cup (KO)

                                 Essex Mixed Teams of Four (Summer)

                                 George Curtis Memorial Trophy (Summer)

                                 Tony Kelvin Memorial Trophy


Pairs events              Essex County Pairs Championship (plus 'B' flight pairs)

                                 Essex Mixed Pairs Championship – (inc. Flitch)

                                 Swiss Pairs

                                 Gwen Herga Trophies (Mens Pairs & Ladies Pairs)

                                 Daytime Seniors’ Pairs and Seniors’ Cup

                                 Warboys Trophy (Summer)

                                 Play with an Expert

                                 PRO/AM Tournament (Summer)


Events for clubs        Fletcher Trophy (for teams of eight)

                                 Essex Club Trophy (for teams of four)

                                 The Cornell Trophy

                                 Club Pairs (Summer)


Leagues                    Daytime Pairs League

                                 South-East Essex League

                                 West Essex League







To Enter:


ECBA website:


post: Linda Fleet, 16 Longfield Road, South Woodham Ferrers, CM3 5JN

Tel: Val/Paul Mollison 01245 225283


Date               Event                                                             Time   Place                           .


Sep     4-6      Isle of Man Congress (4th-6th)                              Douglas

            6          ECL v Bedfordshire                                                 13.00  Wilstead, Beds

            7-11    EBED Autumn Sim. Pairs                                      Clubs

            11-20  Guernsey Congress

            12-13  Bedford Congress                                                   Milton Keynes         

            20        ECL v Cambs & Hunts                                13.00  Away, TBA

            26-27  Essex & Herts Green Point Weekend                  Wodson Park, Ware


Oct      3-4      Felixstowe Congress

            5-8      British Autumn Sim. Pairs                                      Clubs

            7-13    Overseas Congress                                                 Rhodes

            11        Metropolitan Cup                                         13.00  Leatherhead

            16        EBU Really Easy Afternoon                      tba       Barleylands

            16-18  Autumn Congress                                                   Peterborough

            25        Fletcher Trophy                                            14.00  Anglo European School

            25        Cup for Clubs                                               14.00  Anglo European School

            28        Autumn Seniors                                           11.00  Thornwood Common


Nov     6-8      Seniors Congress                                                    Birmingham 

            6,9-12 Children in Need Sim. Pairs                                  Clubs

            8          ECL v Northants                                          13.00  Barleylands

            15        Tony Kelvin                                                   13.00  Barleylands

            21-22  Tollemache Qualifier                                               Birmingham

            28-29  Middlesex Congress                                               Barnet


Dec     6          Mixed Pairs                                                   13.00  Barleylands

            27        EBU Really Easy Afternoon                      tba       Barleylands

            27-30  London Year End Congress                                  London


Jan     4-7      British Winter Sim. Pairs                                         Clubs

            10        Swiss Pairs                                                   13.00  Barleylands

            16-17  National Teams Congress                                                 Birmingham

            30-31  SWF Congress                                                         Woodham Ferrers


Feb     1-7      Overseas Congress                                                 Cyprus

            2-3      England Sim. Pairs                                                 Clubs

            7          ECL v Cambridge University                                 Away, TBA

            13        Play with an Expert Barleylands               14.00  Barleylands

            13-14  Tollemache Final                                                     Birmingham 

            19-21  Harrogate Congress                                                Harrogate                 

            21        Cornell Trophy                                             14.00  Mountnessing

            27-28  Ranked Masters                                                       Birmingham

            28        EBU Masters Pairs                                      tba       Barleylands


Date               Event                                                             Time   Place                           .


Mar     5-6      East Anglian/Beds/Kent  Green Point events

            11        Gwen Herga Trophies                                 19.30  Stock

            13        EBU National Pairs Regional                    tba       Barleylands

            14-17 Club Stratified Sim Pairs                                        Clubs                                    

            16        Spring Seniors                                             10.30  Little Baddow

            20        EBU Portland Pairs                                     tba       Barleylands

            25        EBU Really Easy Afternoon                      tba       Barleylands  

            25-28  Easter Congress                                                      London


Apr      2-3      Norfolk Congress                                                     Norwich

            4-7      British Spring Sim. Pairs                                        Clubs

            10        Championship Pairs                                   13.00  Barleylands

            10        'B' Flight Pairs                                              13.00  Barleylands                          

            16-17  National Pairs Final                                                            Birmingham

            24-1    Lambourne Jersey Festival                                    Jersey


May     3-5      EBED Spring Sim Pairs                                          Clubs

            7          Garden Cities Regional Final       

            8          Collier Row Teams                                      14.00  Romford

            14        Essex AGM                                                   17.00  Barleylands

            21-22  Kent/Sussex/Northants Green Point Events

            25        Mixed Teams (tbc)                                        19.30  TBA

            28        EBU Really Easy Afternoon                      tba       Barleylands

            28-29  Spring Bank Hol Congress                                                Stratford




Essex Events                        Inter-county Events             Green-Pointed Events

Blue-Pointed Events           EBU Events in Essex          Other EBU & other county events



National Pairs Championship

Please note that the EBU has changed the format of this event. County heats are no longer held. Instead more regional heats will be held around the country on Sun March 13th, including one at Barleylands, with combined scoring across all venues (similar to the Portland Pairs) to determine who qualifies for the Final in April. Please see EBU website for more information on entry fees, start times etc



South-East Essex and West Essex Leagues

The league season is from October 1st to April 30th    Entry fee: £20 per team


In addition to the leagues all teams have a free entry to the League K. O. Cup held in the summer before the league season begins.  Also in the summer there is a Premier League for the four top teams in each division 1 of the South-East and West Essex leagues in the previous season.


Apply to the Hon. League Secretary: Mr B Hunt at

Suite 60, Barleylands Craft Village, Barleylands Road,Billericay CM11 2UD

Tel: 01268 533961   Mobile: 07973 925315 email:

Essex Competitions


Essex County Pairs Championship


For the Burrows Trophies

Entry fee: £30 per pair                     Prizes for final:                     1st: £60, 2nd: £40, 3rd: £20

                                                            Prizes for Consolation:       1st: £24, 2nd: £12

                                                            Prizes for heat winners:      1st: £10

Date: Sun. 10 April 2016     Venue: Barleylands         Start: 13.00   Finish: approx 20.30

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

Holders: Ian Moss & Mike Graham

Entry is only to those who have given allegiance to Essex for 2015-2016 This is a double session, one-day competition. Heats will be played in the afternoon and in the evening 14 pairs will qualify for the all-play-all final; the remainder will play in a Consolation Final.  The first four pairs in the main final will have the opportunity of playing in the Inter-county Pairs Championship in June 2016 (Corwen Trophy).


'B' Flight Pairs

(An event for less experienced players)

Entry Fee: £10 per Pair                               Prizes : 1st £20

Date: Sun. 10 April 2016   Venue: Barleylands           Start: 13.00   Finish: approx 16.30

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

Holders: Terry Burney & Godfrey Chasmer

It will be a single session event and entry is open to Essex players who are not past or present members of Essex County A, B or C squads. Any player in the B-flight competition with a score of 50% or greater will have the opportunity of taking part in the evening’s Consolation Event should they so wish. Any pair wishing to do so needs to be reminded that we only provide light refreshments at this event.


Tony Kelvin Memorial Trophy

For the trophy presented by Mr and Mrs N Scott

Entry Fee: £36 per team                             Prizes: 1st: £48, 2nd: £24

Date: Sun. 15 Nov. 2015   Venue: Barleylands            Start: 13.00    Finish: approx 20.30

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

Holders: Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison

This is a two-session Swiss Teams competition.  If there are insufficient teams for a Swiss Competition a Multiple Teams event will be played.


Essex Mixed Pairs Championship

Incorporating  The Essex Flitch Trophy presented by Mr & Mrs Fletcher

Entry Fee: £21 per pair                               Prizes: 1st: £50, 2nd: £30, 3rd: £20.

Date: Sun. 6 Dec. 2015      Venue: Barleylands           Start: 13.00   Finish: approx 20.30

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

Holders of Championship: Richard Register & Tanya Genthe

Holders of the Flitch: Chris & Sue Taylor

This will be a one day two session event.  The Flitch Trophy is awarded to the highest placed married pair with the exception of the winners.


Swiss Pairs


Entry Fee: £25 per pair                               Prizes: 1st: £50, 2nd: £24, 3rd: £12

Date:Sun. 10 Jan. 2016     Venue: Barleylands           Start: 13.00  Finish approx 20.30

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

Holders: Margaret Curtis & David Sherman

This is a one-day two-session event. It is computer scored with results round by round. 



Gwen Herga Trophies

Ladies’ Pairs & Men’s Pairs

Entry Fee: £13 per pair                              Prizes: 1st: £24, 2nd: £12

Date: Fri. 11 Mar. 2016       Venue: Stock                       Start:  19.30  Finish approx 22.30

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

Ladies holders: Marcia Levan-Harris & Coral Fallon

Men’s holders: Monty Krimgoltz & Robert Elliott

This is a single session event playing approx 24 boards. If there are sufficient entries there will be two separate sections for Ladies’ Pairs and Men’s Pairs.  Otherwise the sections will be combined.


Play with an Expert

Entry Fee: £10                                              Prizes: 1st: £24, 2nd: £12

Date: Sat. 13 Feb. 2016     Venue: Barleylands           Start: 14.00  Finish: approx 18.00

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

Holder: Linda Jenkins & Michael Watson

This is a very special event where established Essex players will pair up with less experienced players in our county for some light-hearted tournament bridge.

The format will be a normal session of 24/26 boards with a refreshment break in the middle and hand records with discussion after play.  The closing date for entries is 10th Feb 2015.  Novice and county level players interested in taking part in this event should contact the Hon. Tournament Secretary or the Education Officer.  Closer to the day players will be told who their partner will be, to help them form their partnership for the day. 


Daytime Seniors’ Pairs and Essex Seniors’ Cup

for the trophy presented by Mr & Mrs A. J. Morley

Entry Fee: £26 per pair/session                Prizes each event:               1st: £24, 2nd: £12

                                                                        Prize for overall winners:    1st: £40, 2nd: £20

Date: Wed. 8 Jul. 2015       Venue: Thorpe Bay           Start: 11.00  Finish: approx 15.30

Date: Wed. 28 Oct. 2015    Venue: Thornwood           Start: 11.00  Finish: approx 15.30

Date: Wed. 16 Mar. 2016   Venue: Little Baddow       Start: 11.00  Finish: approx 15.30

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc from 10.30

Lunch will also be provided

Cup Holder: Tony Phillpott

Summer: Tony Phillpott & John Williams                          Autumn: Robert Elliott & Ann Savory Spring: Peter Oake & Robert Elliott

These competitions are open only to pairs whose combined ages total

at least  110 years on 1st October each year.

There are three daytime Senior Pairs competitions.  The Seniors’ Cup will be awarded to the player or pair who achieve the most place points from the three sessions. (12 points

for 1st, 11 points for 2nd, down to 1 point for 12th.  Lunch is provided by Impulse Catering and tea or coffee is available from 10.30 am.


Events for Clubs

(These competitions are arranged through your clubs.)


Fletcher Trophy for teams of Eight

Date: Sun 25 Oct 2015   Venue:  Anglo European     Start: 14.00  Finish: approx 21.00

 Holder: Waltham Forest

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

A plated tea will also be provided at the break between sessions

This is a two session event for teams of 8.


Essex Club Trophy for Teams of Four

Date: Sun 25 Oct 2015    Venue:  Anglo European    Start: 14.00  Finish: approx 21.00

Holder: Mid Essex

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

A plated tea will also be provided at the break between sessions

This is a two session event for teams of 4.


The Ray Cornell Trophy

(includes qualification for the Garden Cities Trophy)

Date: Sun 21 Feb 2016      Venue:  Mountnessing     Start: 14.00  Finish: approx 21.00

Holder: Thorpe Bay

2015 Garden Cities Qualifier: Mid Essex

Tea, coffee, biscuits etc available throughout

A plated tea will also be provided at the break between sessions

This is a two session event for teams of 4. The club whose 1st two teams have the best combined places will qualify to play in the Garden Cities Regional Final in May 2016





Tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits are provided at all events. In addition, a plated tea is provided at the club events, lunch is provided at the Senior pairs and extra light refreshments for the break are provided for the non-expert events.




Anglo European:     Anglo European School, Willow Green, Ingatestone, Essex CM4 0DJ

Barleylands:             Barleylands Craft Centre, Unit 60, Barleylands Road, Billericay,

                                    CM11 2UD

Little Baddow:           Little Baddow Village Hall, North Hill, CM3 4TA.          

Mountnessing:         Mountnessing Village Hall, Main Road, Mountnessing CM15 0UG

Stock:                         Stock Village Hall, Common Road, Stock, CM4 9NF

Thornwood:               Thornwood Common Village Hall, Weald Hall Lane, CM16 6NB

Thorpe Bay:              Old School House, Southchurch Boulevard, Thorpe Bay








Conditions of Entry for Essex Contests and Heats


1.      Membership: All players must be EBU members and ECBA members for other than blue pointed events.  This doesn’t apply to the less experienced players in “Play with an Expert” and “PRO/AM”.

2.      Entries: All entries should be sent either via the website or direct to:

       Linda Fleet, 16 Longfield Road, South Woodham Ferrers, CM3 5JN

       Telephone: 01245 225283    Email:

3.      Payment: Payment for each entry can be made by electronic transfer or by cheque made payable to “The Essex Contract Bridge Association”.  Payment can be made on the day with an extra charge of £1 per person but it is preferred that it is made in advance.  In the event of a withdrawal 24 hours or more before the competition the entrance fee will be refunded.  If the withdrawal is within 24 hours refunding the entry fee is at the discretion of the Tournament Secretary.

4.      EBU Portion: Entry fees for EBU events include the EBU portion.

5.      Size of Venue: Entry for all Competitions is dependent on the size of the venue.  Entries will be refused when an acceptable level is reached.

6.      Withdrawing: Entries by email and the website will receive acknowledgements but any other entries will not.  Reminder cards will not be sent for events.  If you enter a competition and you are unable to attend, please notify the Hon. Tournament Secretary immediately as there may be a waiting list.

7.      Late Entries: Late Entries at all events are at the Tournament Director’s discretion.  Players entering on the actual day of the competition will be levied an additional £1 per player.

8.      Refreshments: Refreshments will be tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits only unless the event description says otherwise.

9.      Rules of Competitions: The Laws of Duplicate Bridge apply to all events.  Any dispute in private matches must be referred to the County Committee.  In multi-table heats the decision of the Tournament Director must be accepted.

10.    Private Systems: Private systems of bidding are not allowed.

11.    Convention Cards: All players should have identical convention cards at all our competitions and these should be available to the opposition throughout.

12.    Session Length: A session is approximately 24/26 boards, i.e. approximately 3 hours.  Bidding boxes will be used in all events and most events will use bridgemates.

13.    Master Points: Local Points are issued at Essex competitions in according to the EBU scales.  The Pairs and the Teams of Four championships carry Green Points.  The National Pairs heats, the Swiss Pairs and the George Curtis Swiss Teams, open to all EBU members, carry Blue Points.

14.    Home Venues: All matches played in private homes should be played within the county boundaries.

15.    Teams: In team events players must play at least a third of the boards to qualify for Local Points.

16.    Match Results: In knockout events and league matches the result must be sent to the Hon. Tournament Secretary or Hon. League Secretary immediately after the match, giving full details of scores and teams. They can be sent by email with cc to the other captain or on a postcard signed by both captains

17.    Knockout Results: The result of a match sent to the Hon Tournament Secretary cannot be changed.

18.    Prizes: Prizes will be, in general, in the form of Vouchers.

19.    Correction Period: Where results are available at the end of play the correction period will be 24 hours after the results are made available.  Where results are calculated later and published on the website the correction period will be 3 days from the date of publication.


Special Diary Dates


Essex & Herts joint Green Pointed Weekends


July 18th/19th 2015 Swiss Pairs & Swiss Teams

Sep 26th/27th 2015 Swiss Pairs & Swiss Teams


Contact: Mrs L Fleet  tel: 07791263849  Email:


EBU Events in Essex


Oct 16th   2015         Really Easy Afternoon                   

Dec 27th  2015         Really Easy Afternoon

Feb 28th  2016         Masters Pairs

Mar 13th  2016         National Pairs

Mar 20th  2016         Portland Pairs                      

Mar 25th  2016         Really Easy Afternoon                   

May 28th 2016          Really Easy Afternoon


A local heat of all these events will be held at the First Class Bridge Academy, Barleylands, Billericay, CM11 2UD. Entry is via the EBU. More information is available on their website:



Club Open Events


Woodham Ferrers Congress


Jan 30th  2016         Swiss Pairs  

Jan 31st  2016          Swiss Teams           

Contact: L Thacker tel: 01 621 779385   Email:


Collier Row


May 15th 2016          Swiss Teams                       

Contact: R Elliott      tel: 01 708 727557   Email: