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Alerts / Announcements - What's the Difference?
Alerts and Announcements - what's the difference?

In spite of what is common practice (almost everywhere), having stated your conventions at the start of the round,

the following are the ONLY 3  ANNOUNCEMENTS   to be made

1. If a 1♣ or 1   opening could be less than 4 cards, announce 'could be short' ONLY.  NO further explanation allowed unless you are asked.

2. Announce the point range when your partner opens 1NT.

3. If you open 1NT and partner bids 2   or 2   as a simple transfer, announce 'transfer'. Any other form of transfer falls into the area of Alerts. 

ALERTs are different from Announcements.

Use the Alert card to indicate if partner's bid is conventional.

DO NOT EXPLAIN UNLESS ASKED. To do so could be construed as giving partner unwarranted information about what you understand the bid to mean.

Stayman is not alertable.

No bid above the 3 level is alertable. 

5 card major IS NEITHER ALERTABLE NOR ANNOUNCED - you have stated what you play at the start of the round. If they have forgotten, the opposition can ask at any time.