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CBAI - Announcements & Alerts

In addition to the laws of bridge, bridge associations may make their own local regulations. The CBAI has many regulations which are reviewed annually. The full text of the regulations can be found on the website, or in the bridge diary.


You must make the following three announcements at the appropriate time. No alert is needed, and no other announcements are permitted.

  1. Partner opens 1NT. State the range - e.g. "12-14" or "15-17" or whatever is appropriate
  2. Partner opens a short club. State "Could be short"
  3. Over your 1NT, partner bids 2  or 2 . State "Transfer" if you are playing transfers


If your partner makes any bid which is not standard ACOL, state "Alert" or show the Alert card

  • You must offer no further explanation unless asked
  • The player whose turn it is to bid may ask for an explanation
  • The partner of the player whose turn it is to bid MAY NOT ask until their own turn to bid
  • Opponents have the option to wait until the auction is complete before requiring explanations

When asked for an explanation you must give a FULL account of what is contained in the bid. Stating "POINTS" or "WEAK" or anything similar is not a sufficient explanation.

If the bid promises a minimum suit holding state the minimum number of cards held. If the bid promises a point range, state the point range precisely.

e.g. A Benjamin 2H opening - "6 hearts with 6-10 points"

e.g. Michaels cue bid: "Both Majors at least 5-5, with 6-10 points"

Deviation from the above breaches Law 16 - unauthorised information.

Bidding Boxes

A call is deemed to be made when the bidding card has been placed on the table. To hesitate between calls when touching the bidding cards could constitute a violation of Law 16 Unauthorised information.

The STOP card shoud be placed on the table with any jump bid and should stay there for about ten seconds. The next player may not bid until it is removed.

At the end of the auction the bidding cards should remain in place until the opening lead has been made face down, and all explanations have been obtained.

(Engineers Bridge Club - see separate note about how to place the bids so as not to imply unauthorised information)


Any double on the first round of bidding of a one or two level SUIT contract is deemed to be a TAKE OUT DOUBLE. All other doubles are deemed to be PENALTY DOUBLES. Any variation must be alerted.

Refusal to play

Should a pair or team refuse to play against another pair or team when required to do so, that pair shall be awarded zero match points or victory points in respect of that match. The other pair or team will be awarded 60%.


The Tournament Director shall impose a disciplinary penalty for any offense which interferes directly or indirectly with the rights of another player. The minimum disciplinary penalty shall be 1.5% of the total match points available in the session.