League of Eight

The 2018/19 league of eight season started in September and we are hosting three teams:

A Team Captain: Ron Hoar  

B Team Captain: Maggi Giblin

C Team Captain: Anna Assaf 

The season so far for the three SBBC teams has been up and down. The B team won two of their matches, so well done to them.

I am sure the new year will bring fresh enthusiasm and a much better second half to the season.

May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year. The SBBC looks forward to seeing you all in 2019.

With best seasonal wishes,

Heather Perry

Division 3 Results


Click here: http://www.ebu.co.uk/leagues/BRB-000014-03

Division 4 Results


Click here: http://www.ebu.co.uk/leagues/BRB-000014-04