South Bucks Bridge Club

All our teachers are qualified by the English Bridge Union

All our courses follow the EBED guidelines


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See the individual sessions in the Menu for current scores

Our fourth series of competitions for regular players ended on 30th March 2018.  The fifth series started Monday 2nd April to Monday 2nd July 2018.

A prize and  a Club pen will be awarded to the player who, having played at least thirteen times, scores the highest average percentage in his/her best seven games, (including at least one from each of three different sessions) over all of the sessions.

There will be a prize for the player who having played at least 13 times in all the sessions, has the best score with six different partners

For each of the weekly sessions there will be prizes for the  player who, having played at least seven times, scores the highest average percentage in his/her best five games. These sessions are Monday morning, Tuesday Daytime, Tuesday Afternoon (a session for improvers), Tuesday Club (evening), Wednesday Club (evening),  Thursday Club and Friday morning.  

The exception to the above is that no player will be allowed to win more than one prize; Any player who comes top of the list in more than one session will receive the prize for the event with the higher number of competitors and the prize for the other event will go to the next player.