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Results Analyses

If you look at the bottom of the ranking page for all of the results,
you will see your personal performance in the different positions
for that session.
You can see these in graphical format if you click on
Personal Analysis in the Results Section.
However for these results to be accurate you need to do the following:-
For Mitchell movements, where there are one or more arrow switches -
sit in your normal positions and rotate the board clockwise

This will mean that
N becomesWand S becomes E,
becomes N and W becomes S.

For Howell movements you should either sit N and E or S and W.
This rule also applies when we play  Hesitation Mitchell

Welcome To Our Club Website

County Teams 2018/2019

Richard and Terry have been paired with an old friend
of ours, Rose Jessop and her partner for the event.
They did rather well in their first match. 
(1/4 of their opposition is also a member of Eccleshall) 

President's Salva

          2018 A Berrisford & G. Neal

1996 J Buxton & A Copeland 1997 J & L Armstrong 1998 J & K Healey

1999 J & L Armstrong 2000 K Healey & J Ross 2001 P Birks & J Midwinter

2002 F.Bird & A.Copeland 2003 J Livingstone & C Wykes 2004 I.Delves & V.Prentice

2005 J & L Armstrong 2006 P Cartwright & J Midwinter 2007 A Berrisford & G Neal

2008 J Buxton & C Mellor 2009 M.Atkins & J.James 2010 M.Dodkins & S.Francis

2011 A.Berrisford & G.Neal 2012 A.Copeland & J.Midwinter 2013 M. Atkins & J.Jame

2014 R.Timmis & P.Barnet 2015 A.Copeland & J.Midwinter 2016 V.Prentice & A.Durrant 

2017 J Livingstone & R.Welch


Club Events

Tuesday Evening. 
Offley Hay Village Hall, Offley Hay,
Nr. Eccleshall. ST21 6HQ
(see link to map under General Club Information)
We are seated at 7.00 ready to start play at 7.15
Wednesday Evening.
Church Room Holy Trinity Church Eccleshall ST21 6BY
We are seated by 7.00 ready to start play at 7.15.

We are affiliated to the EBU, we play Duplicate Pairs
each evening, master points are awarded and credited directly.

Anyone is welcome, to drop in at 7.00 pm on Wednesday, 
 to see what we do, how friendly we are and how Duplicate Bridge is played.


County Teams Competitions.
start on Weds 15th. October.

ard and Terry have entered both the
Pairs and Teams Competitions.

The EBU magazine, English Bridge, can be read on line if you
do not receive a printed copy, however, it will no longer include
County News, 
which may be found by clicking the above link.

The EBU's shop
has undergone a rebranding and is now called

the Bridge Warehouse.
The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017, is available for purchase.
   The new laws must be introduced by the end ofSeptember, the

intention is to use them at EBU events from the start of August, to
coincide with the annual update to the Blue  and White Books.


Master Point Promotions 2017/2018

Brenda Walker          June            Area Master to District Master
Hazel Paynter           August         Area Master to District Master
Jane Ball                  June             Club Master to Area Master
Kevin Reynolds      September     Unranked to Local Master
Libby Dale                April             District Master to County Master
Pam Westwood        April             Local Master to Club Master
Ros Taylor              November     Unranked to Local Master
Tony Whatmore      September    District Master to County Master
Valerie Prentice       February   1 Star Master to 2 Star Master
John Weston           December    County Master to Master.
Sue Weston            December    CountyMaster to Master
Geoff. Neal              January    3  Star Master to 4 Star Master
Roma Welch            February     District Master to County Master
Peter Barnet            February   1 Star Master to 2 Star Master
Arnie Copeland       February   1 Star Master to 2 Star Master 
Julie Midwinter        April          1 Star Master 

Kay Merrifield          June             District Master to County Master
Jane Ball                   September   Advanced Master

Directors Course 2017

Directors Course 2017
There was a good turn out for the assessment, of the course, taken
James Vickers and hosted by Eccleshall Bridge Club. 
Members of several local clubs took advantage of the opportunity to
try for qualification as TDs under the
 new 2017 laws.
The end result was the recruitment of 16 more directors
for the County, four were awarded a distinction in
the assessment - very well done.
Thank you James and Eccleshall Bridge Club.

23rd October 2018
Pairs(Offley Hay)
24th October 2018
Director: Paul
30th October 2018
Pairs(Offley Hay)
Director: Ruth
Scorer: Mollie
Pairs(Offley Hay)
Director: John
Scorer: John
Director: Geoff
Scorer: Geoff