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Monday Evening Feature Hand
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Board 16 on 18th June 2018

View the feature hand played today here from 6:00 pm. Discuss any issues arising with your partner.

West will declare 3NT.  On the lead of the spade 5 declarer should rise with the king:  it's now or never!  South's job at trick 1 is to tell north he probably holds the queen and therefore north should consider continuing spades if he regains the lead.  A standard ATTITUDE  signal of the spade 9 sends this encouraging message.  This is not a random card: almost no defensive card should be played randomly!!! If your partnership plays reverse attitude, then the spade 2 is correct.  When in with the club ace, north should play south to hold the spade queen and switch to the spade 3, won by south's queen. South returns the spade 2 and north can clear the suit with 4 spade winners plus the club ace to put declarer one down.  You don't always have to obey partner's signals, but here north should not risk opening another suit and hoping for a better result:  here it would gift the contract to declarer!  If a nervous north cashes the spade ace at trick 3, south needs to be on his toes to un-block the queen!

This hand is similar to last week's where you needed to discourage at trick 1.  I was asked why I advise against reverse attitude signalling at our level of bridge.  Simply because bedding in standard attitude and count is needed before experimenting with changes in an established partnership.  Reverse can work well, but there is something so natural about high-low that partner is unlikely to go wrong in a suit contract when leading ace from AKx(x) and third hand holds, say, 92.

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