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Monday Evening Feature Hand
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Board 17 on 23rd April 2018

View the feature hand played today here from 6:00 pm. Discuss any issues arising with your partner.

Over north's weak two, east should prefer to find any heart fit rather than over-call 2NT.  That requires a simple take-out double and some idea of west's strength.  If your partnership plays Lebensohl relays here (you should after today!), west can send a warning that he holds fewer than 8 HCPs by his alterable 2NT bid, forcing east to relay 3C (also alterable) so that west can pass or correct to his best suit, here hearts.  East rightly judges to pass after the warning, but would have bid 4H had west responded 3H to the double (8-11 HCPs).  Probably the best line for west is to win the spade ace at trick 1, then cash the heart ace, noting the 4-1 break when the jack crashes.  Knock out the diamond ace, lose the spade return and ruff a spade with the heart 10 to force an over-ruff.  Now use club entries to finesse trumps for 9 tricks.

Last updated : 23rd Apr 2018 17:54 BST