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Xmas Prize Quiz Hand
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Xmas Prize Quiz Hand 2018

You are South, declarer in 4S after opening a weak two.  North, a 6-loser on LTC opposite a likely 7 or 8-loser, uses a 2NT enquiry and will sign off in 3S if south shows weakness.  Here south shows good HCPs and 2 of the top 3 trump honours.  What is declarer's best line against correct defence after west leads the club queen?

First prize value over £10.00, ie free wine and free bridge.  Possible runner-up prize for a sub-optimal play.  Competition open to all Monday players in both sections.  Entries by email to,  but please do not email from links on this site.  Closing date: noon, FRIDAY 4TH JANUARY 2019.  Solution will be posted here soon after that date and prizes awarded on Monday, 11th February.  Good luck!






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