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Webber Cup Entries now taken

Next EWBA Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the EWBA Committee will be on Thursday 28th March 2019 at 3 p.m.

(vnue to be confirmed)

All East Wales clubs are entitled to send representatives to EWBA meetings.


WBU Master Points

Master Points by Name - Updated Aug 2018
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Welcome to the EWBA web site.

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Two session pairs competition, played simultaneously across all of Wales. 

Gwent Bridge Academy, Newport  24th February 2019 11am

Please see link above for more details.

Entries to by Tuesday 19th February

EWBA Teams of Eight Qualifier



EWBA Teams of Eight Qualifier - Sunday 3rd March 2019

at Gwent Bridge Academy, Newport.

Start at NOON - Expected Finish 19:30

Clubs should send their entries to Helen Houston -

Two clubs may combine, if they wish, to enter a joint team.

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Cardiff Bridge Club 9th March 13:00, 10th March 11:00


Teams of 4: £25 per person (£100 per team)

To enter please contact Jean Hand or Helen Houston
( ( If you have any queries please let us know. 

TD: Sarah Amos 

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The Perry Shield is the WBU’s annual competition between open teams representing the four areas of Wales.

The Spickett Bowl is the corresponding event for ladies’ teams.

Whitchurch Rugby Club, Cardiff 1st / 2nd June 2019.

Please see link above for more details.

Pairs who would like to be selected to represent East Wales should send their names to by Monday 18th March

EWBA League

EWBA League 2018 - 2019

The aim of the East Wales League is to provide friendly and competitive bridge in a team-of -four league format and we need more teams.

Each team has to play approx 6-8 matches over the winter at roughly one per month.

Cost is just £16 per team for the entire season and the team can contain as many players as you wish.
The league has 3 divisions which can cater for all levels of ability.

Players do not have to be members of the same club or even members of the WBU or EWBA.
If you wish to enter a new team or just need more information, please speak to Steve Webb

EWBA League 2018-2019

Please contact
Steve Webb
02920 217421

Fixtures for 2018/2019

If you are interested in playing in the Western League A or B Teams email Steve Webb.
The C Team is organised by Richard Welsford of Gwent Bridge Academy, email

Versus Home/Away Date Result



15th Sept 2018

A - Won 13 - 7

B - Lost 5 - 15

C - Lost 0 -20



6th Oct 2018

A - Lost 1 - 19

B - Lost 5 - 15

C - Won 14 - 6


GBA 13th Oct 2018

A - Lost 9 - 11

B - Lost 2 - 18

C - Lost 5 - 15



15th Dec  2018

A - Won 14 - 6

B - Won 15 - 5

C - Won 16 - 4



12th Jan 2019

A - Won 12 - 8

B - Lost 4 - 16

C - Won 18- 2



23th March 2019




Sun 12th May 2019 AGM


EWBA Western League Results 1718 

Western League Division 1
Western League Division 2
Western League Division 3

EWBA Congress Swiss Teams Feb 2019
EWBA Congress Swiss Teams Feb 2019

WBU Presiden Sarah Amos presented the winners, Alex Maddocks, Warner Solomon, Jim Grant and Stefan Lindfors with the splendid Liz Commins Crystal Bowl. They won the Saturday Swiss as well as the overall event. The Sunday Swiss winners were Mike Best, Philip Felman, Kevin Maddox and Tony Howarth, pictured below. For all the Congress results, click Latest Results, above.

Claret Jug Winners - Cardiff

Claret Jug Winners - Crickhowell

WBU Graded Masters

WBU Graded Masters Pairs

Congratulations to Filip and Diane Kurbalija for winning Section 1 of the Graded Masters.

The final results for all divisions can be found here

Cambria and Welsh Cup Results

The Welsh and Cambria Cup Results are now updated on the WBU Bridgewebs site below

Good luck to the South Area players who are still in the game.

EWBA Prizewinners 2017-2018

Prizes and trophies were presented at the AGM on Sunday 29th April 2018

The Julius Ernst Shield for Restricted Teams (No Fear Event)

First: Mike Clarke, Ceri Mowatt, Mary Atkins, Guy Thomas

Second: David Knight, Herrick Westcott, Joan Westcott, Sidney Nam

The East Wales Mixed Pairs Championship

First: Marion Shewell & Brian Harding

Second: Simon Gottschalk & Liz Atkinson

The Stan Berger Open Pairs Championship of East Wales

First: Filip & Diane Kurbalija 

Second: Trevor Towers & Geoff Evans

The Patrick Jourdain Open Teams Championship of East Wales

First: Ann & Mike Hirst, Diane & Filip Kurbalija

Second: Sue Ingham, Gwynn Davis, Liz Atkinson, Chris Rochelle

The East Wales Restricted Pairs (No Fear Event)

First: Philip Ansell & Mary Morse

Second: Penney Saunders & Arthur Sylvester

The Arthur James Bowl Open Pairs 2017

First: Sue Ingham & Gwynn Davis

Second: Tony Ratcliff & Julian Pottage

Jack Beatus Cup (Restricted Pairs) 2017

Tony Harris & John James



EWBA Sunday
EWBA Winter Congress Saturday
Graded Masters
Gwent BA
Graded Pairs - EAST WALES HEAT
Patrick JourdainTeams
Sun 24th Feb 2019
WBU Mixed Pairs East Wales Division
GBA 11:00
Sun 3rd Mar 2019
WBU Teams of Eight
GBA 11:00
Sat 9th Mar 2019
Webber Cup - Day 1
Cardiff Bridge Club 13:00
Sun 10th Mar 2019
Webber Cup - Day 2
Cardiff Bridge Club 11:00
Sun 7th Apr 2019
EWBA Mixed Pairs
Gwent Bridge Academy 11:00
Mon 8th Apr 2019
Restricted Pairs
Cardiff Bridge Club
Sun 28th Apr 2019
EWBA AGM Arthur James / Beatus Cup
Gwent Bridge Academy 11:00
Sat 1st Jun 2019
Perry, Spickett & President's Cup
Whitchurch Rugby Club, Cardiff
Sat 3rd Aug 2019
EWBA Summer Congress Pairs
Lysaught Institute, Newport
Sun 4th Aug 2019
EWBA Summer Congress Teams
Lysaught Institute, Newport