Eastside Bridge Center Redmond, WA
Eastside Bridge Center Redmond, WA

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EBC Directory ... 2017 Edition

The new 2017 Directory is now available  - Please ask your director for a copy.!!

If you missed this directory -   Forms are available at the director's station for the next version.

Thank you for your interest in creating this directory- we know you like it, you've told us!  So we want it to be correct this year!  Let us know of any changes, adds or deletions!  You have until November 23rd to get new information to Paulette!  As always we thank you for making Eastside your full time bridge club.



General Information
Need a Partner??

​We have several members who are available to partner - Please contact them:

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Avoid Slow Play

Duplicate Bridge is a timed event and therefore it is important thateveryone maintains the same pace. Slow play disrupts the game. Everyone should make an effort to finish each round on time. The ACBL does not allow late plays at sectional, regional or national tournaments. In fact, you may not start a new board if the round has been called.



How to speed up the game?

  • Make the opening lead before your write down the contract. Try it, it works.

  • Avoid post mortems at the table. Simply circle the board, make a note in your score card and discuss the board after the session

Tournament directors will warn slow pairs. If they are consistently slow, then penalties may be enforced. On the 2nd warning by the director, the offending pair will receive an average minus on the board and the opponents will receive an average plus. Consistent slow play may also result in a procedural penalty -- meaning that the offending pair may receive a ¼ of a board matchpoint penalty.

Lend a Helping Hand

Your assistance please!


At the end of the session it would help immensely if you would:

  • Dispose of any clutter left at the table;
  • Take all coffee cups into the kitchen area;
  • Push your chairs under the table; and
  • Remember to use the recycle bins, as appropriate.

Thanks for giving us a helping hand! smiley

Laws of Duplicate Bridge

The ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge will be used to govern our games.  If you have questions about the rules, please feel free to ask one of our directors.

Learn to Play Bridge Software -- Free

Learn to play bridge with instructor-led classes and/or self-guided bridge lessons.  Eastside Bridge Center offers classes throughout the year.  In addition, the ACBL offers free software for to help you learn about bridge and improve your skills.


Learn to Play Bridge I is for beginners; Learn to Play Bridge II is for those who know the basics but want to develop their playing, bidding and defense skills.

The link listed below will take you to the ACBL website to download the software.  Follow the instructions and you’ll have the software up and running in no time.

Download Learn to Play Bridge Software