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North American Pairs events are scheduled for July.  Check it out!


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We Want You Back! Free Plays
WE WANT YOU BACK!!   Click here to read more about our new promotion for Wednesday Morning and Thursday Evening games.
Newsletter for EBC - Name our Newsletter

Eastside will begin publishing a monthly Newsletter.  We hope you will participate and join in on the excitement.  First we want to name the Newsletter.  Please email your suggestions to our editor Sue Johnson at        .  The winner - gets FREE PLAYS!!  Also if you have ideas for articles, have some news or have a desire to write and want to be a contributor, give Sue a call.  Watch for the first newsletter - AUGUST 15!


Ladies Night - Friday 7/25 at 6:00 PM

Ladies Night Out Game - 7/25

Friday Evening 7/25 will be a special Ladies Night only with a potluck at 6:00PM, game time @ 6:45pm.  We will be serving complimentary soft drinks and wine to go with all the delicious food. You may, of course, bring a beverage of your choice.  Please sign up at the front desk. We look forward to another elegant evening of Food, Wine & Bridge!  Reservations Requested -- Signup at the front desk or email Lindsey.


Recognition Party - August 1st 7pm

We want to celebrate all our members achievements.  Please plan to attend our new quarterly recognition game on August 1 - Friday Evening.  Come out play a great game of bridge, but with a few added treats (maybe a bottle of wine or two!).  This quarter we are in catch up mode and are celebrating a huge list of accomplishments:  Our Newest Masters  and Our Life Masters latest achievements.


More Novice Bridge -- We have started a Novice (0-50) Game at 7:00 PM Tuesdays

Please join us for our New Tuesday Evening Novice Game.   Bridge players with 0-50 masterpoints we are calling you!

 This is a wonderful opportunity to increase your new bridge skills.  Win Masterpoints! 

0-500 Game Added - MONDAY 10am

Change is coming!!   Beginning JUNE 16th - We are pleased to announce a second game in our Monday morning (10 am) time slot.  This will be limited game of 0-500.  We will continue our OPEN game as well.  Those players who have 0-500 masterpoints please come out and join us for this new game, and help us make it a grand success.  Total awards will be increased based on total table count -- This means more masterpoints!   We Look Forward to Seeing You at the Table Soon!!

July - Special Events

July Special Events

North American Pairs (NAP - formerly NAOP) Games are scheduled during July, and the session starts 7/1/2014.  These events are "qualifying" events for North American Pairs Competions.  If you qualify, you are eligible to play in the NAP District competion.   The top three winners in each stratification are elgible to complete in the NAP events at the Nationals -- and you win a stipend to help finance your trip to the nationals.

Please see our calendar for the NAP events schedule.

CLOSED for Lynnwood Regional 8/19 - 8-24

Lynnwood Regional - August 2014  smiley

The Puget Sound Regional (Lynnwood Regional) is scheduled 8/18 – 8/24 at the Lynnwood Convention Center.  Please click here for Lynnwood Tournament Flyer.   Note:  During the Regional, the Club will be closed- WE ARE OPEN FOR THE MONDAY AUGUST 18TH AM GAME.

Need a Partner?
Need a Partner?

If you want a partner, please fill out this form and press the "Post Message" button.

Note: All information you enter is visible to everyone.

Alternatively, call (425) 861-6110 or send an email to Eastside Bridge Center the or send an email to night before or at least 1 hour ahead of game time so we can accommodate your request.

Updated Name Telephone (optional) Masterpoints Preferred System
Jul 12, 2014 20:09 PDT Ron Sheldon 8052354510 < 300 Standard American
Jul 1, 2014 15:57 PDT Sandy Freeling 206-972-6084 < 300 2/1 Game Force
2 Entries
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Mon July 21, 2014
Monday AM 0-500 Game
10:00 AM
Tue July 22, 2014
Tuesday AM Open
10:00 AM
Tue July 22, 2014
Tuesday PM Novice Bridge 0-50
7:00 PM
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