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Mar 5, 2015 07:59 PST
Feb 25, 2015 20:51 PST
Supervised Play - THURSDAY 2 to 4PM

CALLING ALL NEW PLAYERS - Supervised Play Thursday Afternoons

You have asked for this ... and here it is!  Beginning March 5th (Thursday) we will be offering a supervised play from 2 to 4pm.  This will not be a sanctioned game, no masterpoints involved.  However we will have pre-dealt hands & hand records, and the best part ... you can ask questions of the director, your partner, the opponents.  This will be the place to explore your bridge game before you start playing in our Novice Games (Tuesday Evening and Saturday Morning).  The cost will be $9 per game, you can come every Thursday to build up your knowledge and playing skills or just for a week or two - if you need a little bridge bounce!  See you there!

EBC Directory - Draft Ready for your review

The Eastside Bridge Center Directory is moving at a snails pace!  And get ready, but it is in DRAFT form, for your individual review.  The draft copy will be at the director's station.  Please take a moment and find your information, validate that we have not made a mistake, missed your email address/phone/address information, correct as necessary and give it a little initial that for you it is "Good To Go"!  YOU WILL HAVE UNTILL APRIL 3rd TO MAKE SURE YOUR DATA IS CORRECT.

Once we have validation, we will be putting it on the website with a password protection (you can get the password from your director, or one of the management team once it is completed) and printing copies for those that wish to have a hard copy in hand.

In addition, for those of you who did not have a chance to give us your information, this is your opportunity to correct that miss - there will be directory forms you can complete.  We have spoken to many of you about the directory, and we know everyone is very excited about this (we are too!)

Ladies Night - Friday 3/20 at 6:00 PM

Ladies Night Out Game - 3/20   ... MARK YOUR CALENDARS !!!

Friday Evening 3/20 will be our monthly Ladies Night with a potluck at 6:00PM, game time @ 6:45pm.  This is always a fun event, lots of fun and great bridge with a fun group of ladies.   Bring your favorite partner, a dish to share and your best game.  Please sign up at the front desk or you can email us at Eastside Bridge Center.    We will be serving complimentary soft drinks and wine to go with all the delicious food. You may, of course, bring a beverage of your choice.  We look forward to another fun-social evening of Food, Wine & Bridge!  Reservations Required -- Signup at the front desk or email us - at Eastside Bridge Center.


Notice: Monday & Saturday Limited Games

To Our Limited Game Bridge Players ..

We are totally committed to supporting newer players at Eastside Bridge, and we want to offer you your own games to play in. We are delighted that you have embraced our limited MP player games on Friday morning (0-200), and our Tuesday (0-200) and Wednesday(0-750) evening games.   However, our Monday and Saturday games have been not been well attended.  We want to keep these games going, however unless we have 4 tables for each game, we will have to combine the limited game into the open game.  So tell you friends, heck, BRING your friends to those games so we can continue to have those limited games on Monday & Saturday. 

Also - Tell us when you think we should have more games for advancing players (over 500?? over 1000??) Would you like to see a specific game, on a specifc day - We want to know.  Send us a note!  Then tell all your friends to come play as well--it's the only way we can make it work.  And as always, we appreciate our EBC Bridge Players - You Are the Best!

To Our Limited Game Players
To our Players playing in Limted Games:
We are totally committed to supporting newer players at EBC, and we want to offer you your own games to play in. We are delighted that you have embraced our limited MP player games  - Can we ask if you are planning on playing at one of our limited games on Friday morning (0-200), Monday (0-500) and/or Saturday (0-750) please make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to game time.   This allows us to determine if we have the required number of tables to assure we can run a separate game.  We sure would hate to combine the games, and then find out that due to late arrivals we would have had enough to have two sessions.
Thanks for helping us make these limited games work - we appreciate all our players!
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Yarington Chat - Lets Talk Bridge

This afternoon event has become very popular -  we have another more opportunities for you - Join us at the Lucky-7 after the Game on March 10  (Tuesday) - Dick will go over the full hand records for that day.  Answering your questions, and discussing the bids, defense & misses.  

Take advantage of this marvelous opportunity to learn more about bridge and have a late lunch & cold brew at the Lucky-7 Bar & Grill. 

Founders Weekend - Honoring Terry Randles

We have a great weekend planned to honor Terry Randles.  Click on the four aces   for more information.  

Fri March 6, 2015
Friday AM Open & 199er Game
10:00 AM
Sat March 7, 2015
Saturday AM Fun Bridge 0-20
9:30 AM
Sat March 7, 2015
Saturday Afternoon Open & 0-750 Game
1:00 PM
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